Facebook Tactics For Real Estate Agents

Is your Facebook page benefiting your real estate business, or do you blend in with the crowd? Consider these tips to make the most out of your Facebook experience.

Good Photos, Great Captions

You’ve probably realized the value of posting listing photos to Facebook, but those photos will work harder for you if you include helpful captions. Let your readers know about the listing. Tell them exactly why the property is right for them. Maybe it’s a great starter home or perfect for a growing family, but they won’t know this unless you tell them. Photo captions are a great way to do just that.

Be Involved, Be Personal

People love when company CEOs and presidents take action on Facebook, so don’t outsource this job. When your Facebook page is about you, and not just your company, you will be more memorable. An assistant can help you to set up and maintain your page, but you’ll be more successful if you add personal content. Perhaps you’re having a great day or working on your own home. This is content that helps your visitors relate to you as a person and view you as more than just a company.

Keep Posting Content

If you think you’re okay if you only post once per day on Facebook, you’re wrong. You’ve doing yourself a disservice if you’ve signed up for Facebook and haven’t posted anything on your profile. Your visitors want to hear what you have to say and know that it’s worth listening to. Post two or three times per day. If you run out of ideas, consider a feed aggregation to post links to relevant topics. For example, you might have a favorite blog that gives sellers ideas about how to stage their homes. This certainly provides value to your Facebook fans.

You might shy away from posting industry news. After all, it hasn’t been so good lately. However, this is a perfect opportunity to post good news, which will encourage people to think about real estate in a positive light. If your local community has picked up jobs, saved money or is experiencing an increase in property values, let your readers know.

Interaction is Important

You can’t just create your profile and expect it to work for you. You have to post updates, but you also need to reach out to talk followers and fans. Ask them questions on your own page, but don’t forget to respond to their questions and post on their status updates. Share your photos and tag the appropriate people. Social networking isn’t all about you, and taking the time to interact helps you learn about potential buyers and sellers, people who may possible become clients in the future, but you have the opportunity to actually network with others socially.

Many real estate agents join Twitter or Facebook, upload their headshots and begin posting their listings. You don’t want to do that. The cookie cutter mold isn’t the best way to engage your readers, provide them with value and build yourself as a trustworthy authority. Interaction is one way that you’ll stand out from the crowd–in a good way. It doesn’t just apply to Facebook, either. All your social activity will benefit from thinking about others at least just as much as you think about yourself.

Ben Sawyer is a well known blogger and  Social Media Analyst. One real estate firm from NYC, http://www.arvernebythesea.com, hired him to improve their online presence through social media, especially through Facebook. Ben trained some of their top real estate agents and gave them a strong foundations about using Facebook for purpose of real estate advertising. Here are few of his tips about that.


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