Facebook Shakes Microsoft’s Hand For Atlas Acquisition

Hot on the heels of closing a deal with marketing data giants Acxiom, BlueKai, Datalogix, and Epsilon, social networking firm Facebook has approved a new agreement to procure a popular advertising service.

According to an official blog post on Thursday, Facebook will acquire the Atlas Advertiser Suite from Microsoft for an undisclosed amount.

Microsoft’s Atlas is an industry leader in handling campaigns and providing analysis for marketers and advertising agencies.

The social network believes this will help both marketers and users on the website, saying that marketing today is more interlinked than marketing was a couple of years ago.

Some current marketers and advertising agencies strive hard to work out how their forays on different channels complete and reinforce each other.

But these firms stick to arbitrary marketing game plans on every distribution channel they bump into. So users have to endure their shoddy, spotty services.

Facebook says the poor “siloed marketing strategies” means marketers and advertisers have a window of opportunity to improve their understanding of a campaign’s function and performance.

Firms who will take up this challenge can do better to ensure that relevant messages arrive to the targeted audience at the right time.

Facebook says the Atlas Advertiser Suite comes with custom measurement tools to improve marketing strategies and lead better online advertising experiences for Internet users and consumers.

Many marketers with Facebook ads already use Microsoft’s suite, and since July last year, Facebook has recognized Atlas as an authorized partner.

The deal not only merges the Atlas team to Facebook’s growing staff, but it also helps their common clients for a smooth transition – if ever there’s a need to do that.

Facebook assures Atlas clients that they will not notice changes to the service they currently receive. But it plans to improve the platform’s measurement systems and its set of advertiser tools on desktop and mobile environments.

Facebook also plans (1) to enhance the Atlas user interface and functions, (2) to combine it with analytics firm Nielsen and consumer data giant Datalogix, and (3) to help advertisers compare Facebook campaigns to other ad spend online.

The acquisition of Atlas focuses on one important goal: measure touch points on different marketing channels to help advertisers holistically see the effectiveness of their campaigns.

The team behind Atlas will still go to their original offices in Seattle and operate from there. And the Facebook engineering team in Seattle will continue to drive key parts of the firm’s ad system.

Author: Francis Rey Balolong

A coffee junkie who spends most of his time writing about the latest news on social media and mobile technology. I would definitely consider myself a nerd (in the coolest most hipster way possible). That being said, I love technology, music, writing, and all things mobile.

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