Facebook Privacy Policy Changes and how Users React to them

When Facebook changes its privacy settings, users have various reactions; some are anxious, some criticize those who are anxious, and most just don’t know that changes have been made.

Is it really important for Facebook users to know about these privacy policy changes?

First of all, privacy concerns vary from one user to another. Each has his own unique privacy issues to address, and these issues change and progress over time.

For the most legitimate security reasons, the best thing to do to maintain privacy of your information is to obviously not join social networking sites. This is clear and obvious now, but when social networks first started, there were more privacy settings; right now, you can barely make your contact info, images and relationships private.

Facebook privacy policy changes receive various responses and matter differently to various users. (Image: kelly_chu28 (CC) via Flickr)

Facebook privacy policy changes receive various responses and matter differently to various users. (Image: kelly_chu28 (CC) via Flickr)


Privacy changes are not really changes but more like total revamps, and that has been a problem under the same breathe as the problem that Facebook users are so attached to their accounts that it is very difficult for them to delete their profiles.

Technically speaking, it’s easy to quit Facebook, but interpersonal relationships are very important and play a key role in the decision-making process.

There is no one generic advice when it comes to how you should respond to the new and simplified Facebook privacy settings. It depends on how your friends might react. Think about the social networking site and how it is to you as a communication tool to some of your friends, how the site is used to disseminate important information, how others will feel if you ignore their updates, etc.

Some Important Facebook Privacy Policy Changes

One interest change is that now, it’s no longer possible to hide your timeline from Facebook’s search. The social networking company said they removed that option because only a very small percentage of people actually use that feature.

There are several changes that are actually improvements from the previous policy. One of these is an alert system which seems to empower users with regards to their privacy settings. This system acts as an occasional reminder of several features while you are using them, including “in-context reminders about how stuff you hide from timeline may still appear in news feed, search, and other places.”

Users can also come up with their own workarounds to the recognized privacy problems in Facebook. One can choose to use a false name, for example, or use an email address used solely for Facebook, keeping one’s profile low. Whatever the solution is, these are usually unique for individual circumstances and needs.

Author: Neal Alfie Lasta

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