Facebook Phone HTC First Now Just 99 Cents


After only a month from being released, the Facebook phone – otherwise known as the HTC First – can now be had for only 99 cents on AT&T.

That is a massive drop from its $99.99 initial cash out offering and may be an indication how well the smartphone is selling, various mobile technology industry observers note.

AT&T even makes matters look worse for the HTC First as it displays a 99.27 percent discount from the original price of $350.99 minus a gargantuan discount of $350.

This essentially means that anyone who wants an HTC First smartphone can get one for effectively nothing if they are willing to be tied to a two-year AT&T contract.

This is not the first time HTC and Facebook collaborated to make what the industry often calls a “Facebook Phone”. Their first try was the HTC Chacha and that smartphone did not perform well on the sales department.

With this price drop, observers note that the future of Facebook phone smartphones is quite clear.

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