Facebook Now Has More Than 25 Million SMB Pages

Facebook is working on how to count the small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that are on its social networking platform. 

In a statement given to TechCrunch, Facebook’s SMB team lead Dan Levy said that the company now has more than 25 million Facebook Pages for SMBs, and one million or 4 percent of those are active marketers and advertisers on Facebook.

Levy discussed the social network’s small business strategy at a session at the Dreamforce conference in San Francisco late last month.

Even though the real motive behind the superficial testimony given was a tad mysterious, TechCrunch notes these changes to Facebook advertising may likely have a greater role in the social network’s bottom line.

Apart from that, the company seems to have the propensity toward surrounding or covering changes to Facebook advertising when it comes to extending help to SMBs.Updates we often see are related to changes that directly have a bearing on big company names that advertise on the platform, but small- and medium-sized businesses actively participate as well and are not to be brushed off easily.

When asked about the previous count in April of about 15 million SMBs with Facebook Pages, Levy said the company only included businesses with physical locations in the count, but now it has included e-commerce firms that may not have physical stores or are not advertisers for large companies.

He said Facebook counts SMBs through a three conditions: (1) its Facebook Page must be active during the last 28 days, (2) it has to be a business Facebook Page, not for personal use, (2) and it cannot be a Facebook managed client – the big brand advertisers of the company.

2013 is a busy year for Facebook advertising, with the company streamlining its ad products and services, such as its launch of objective-based ad-buying.

Levy told TechCrunch that its new type of ad-buying has already started to pay off among several SMB advertisers, but this is just the initial stage of campaign, as the company continues to receive feedback from SMBs and fit in changes whenever applicable, and Facebook advertising “still have a lot of potential left.”

When it comes to mobile advertising, which accounted for 49 percent of total Facebook revenue during the last earnings call, Levy said that Facebook is an excellent platform for SMBs to establish or boost their presence on mobile devices through advertising on Facebook and making a business Facebook Page, wherein they automatically receive those perks without further effort.

Set-up Facebook Business Page

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