Facebook Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

Many entrepreneurs now use Facebook as their new Yellow Pages; that is, using the biggest and most popular social networking site in the world to make the public aware that their businesses exist.

Starters might think that Facebook is only good for keeping a business page and getting likes from customers and potential customers, and hoping that word of mouth advertising will go their way. On the other hand, there’s more to Facebook than just getting likes.

Likes are good, but they won’t get your business very far. A business person should use Facebook with the idea of making it a place where fans can get actively involved. If only due to its sheer size alone, consisting of more than one billion members, anyone who wants to use social media for their business must start with Facebook.

New Facebook Marketing Tools

Facebook recognizes that many businesses want to tap into its services to bring in customers, and so it constantly comes up with new products. These are some of the relatively new products.

Facebook offers marketing tools that small businesses can use, including graph search, promoted posts, mobile app install adds, and check-in. (Image: Frank Hamm (CC) via Flickr)

Facebook offers marketing tools that small businesses can use, including graph search, promoted posts, mobile app install adds, and check-in. (Image: Frank Hamm (CC) via Flickr)

1. Graph Search. This new Facebook tool was introduced last January and is currently just available to a few users. Graph search is a tool which helps you filter your friends and know who likes what, where they have been to, where they are working, etc. You can also use Graph Search to know what your friends say about certain local businesses or who likes what restaurants.

According to Dan Levy, director of small business for Facebook, businesses should bring their listings up to date so that they appear in Graph Search. Levy said, “in the same way that having a Web page really mattered 10 years ago, being part of Graph Search and having your company discoverable is really important today.”

2. Promoted Posts. Promoted posts are an easy way to reach more of the people who like your Facebook page and their friends. It helps you create ads that your friends and people who liked your business page can see in their News Feeds.

Levy adds that Promoted Posts is “a simple, easy way to increase your reach.” The cost to use Promoted Posts depends on various factors, such as how many people you are trying to reach and your geographical location. Levy said that one can start with a budget of 5 dollars per day.

Promoted posts can be very effective at increasing your fan base. Facebook is indeed all about making people mindful of your business.

3. Check-in. With this marketing tool, you can use your mobile device to let your Facebook friends know where you checked in – whether you are visiting a restaurant, a business or any other spot. When a customer uses Check In in reference to your business, that will appear in his or her Facebook profile, but at the same time it also pops up in your Facebook business page.

4. Mobile app install ads. If your business has its own app, Facebook can drive installs to your customers through an ad that sends them to Google Play or iPhone App Store.

Friend Recoommendations

These Facebook marketing tools are valuable because they resemble what we humans do; ask recommendations from friends. For example, you can use Graph Search to figure out what your friends’ favorite restaurant is in a particular city, and once you find out the answer, you are also most likely to eat at that well-recommended restaurant.

Of course, owning a Facebook page is also very useful for your business, but only if you constantly update it with a bunch of new posts. These posts may include items that are for sale, videos, fun pictures, etc.

By doing so, your fans will know that your business is still alive and fresh. That will make them think about your business when they want to buy something that you are selling.

Author: Neal Alfie Lasta

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