Facebook Helps Save 24 Horses in Washington

Near the city of Centralia, Washington, 24 horses are saved from poor living conditions, thanks to a successful Facebook campaign. Previously, a horse was found dead by the roadside near a farm east of the city. This prompted animal lovers to start a campaign on the social network, thus leading to the seizing of the horses from the farm.

In Muddy Conditions
Earlier, horse lovers who happened to pass by the farm saw how malnourished the animals were, housed in muddy conditions and dilapidated shelters. When they spotted a dead horse by the roadside, they immediately posted on Facebook about it and spread the word. According to Amanda Sanders, one of the horse lovers, if the animals were not being taken care of, and if there was a dead horse, why were the owners still being allowed to keep them?


Social media helps save malnourished horses near Centralia, Washington (Image: epSos.de (CC) via Flickr)

Social media helps save malnourished horses near Centralia, Washington (Image: epSos.de (CC) via Flickr)

A Case of Animal Cruelty?
On the other hand, Gerald Specht, the owner of the horses, explains that he did not mean for things to go wrong. He insists that he always made sure the horses were fed, but mentions that he might have had too many of them. However, as accusations of animal cruelty are being investigated by the sheriff, the Washington State Livestock Coalition arrived. After some convincing, Specht eventually agreed to give up the horses to the volunteer group.

Owners in Financial Problems
Daniel Venable, who is from the Washington State Livestock Coalition, shares that they did some counseling with the Spechts. He explained to Specht and his wife that they are doing the right thing in giving up the animals. The couple has been experiencing some financial problems, especially since their house was burned down. They are currently living in a tent, and Vic Mott from the coalition notes that their financial struggles, and their age, might have hindered them from maintaining their farm properly. Mott states that they do not want the couple to get into more trouble.

Aside from the 24 horses, 30 goats were also taken from the farm. They are now being cared for and fed properly, and will soon be set up for adoption.

Author: Neal Alfie Lasta

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