Facebook Erases Europe Face Recognition Data To Ease Privacy Concerns


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To avoid further scrutiny and pressure from authorities in Europe, Facebook has deleted all data pertaining to face recognition technology for the region.

That is according to the Irish data protection commissioner and German data protection regulator, a report from the IDG news service reveals.

According to the report, both offices independently confirmed the move made by Facebook. Both offices revealed the result of their analysis on Thursday.

Spokeswoman Ciara O’Sullivan of the Office of the Irish Data Protection Commissioner told the news organization that the office reviewed the Facebook source code to confirm that Facebook has deleted the data.

She adds that based on the processes put in place by Facebook to delete face recognition data, the office is satisfied.

Meanwhile, the he Hamburg Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information’s Ulrich Kühn has also confirmed Facebook’s move.

The move has eased regulatory concern over face recognition technology used by Facebook breaching privacy rights.

Image from pollyalida on Flickr (CC)