Facebook Developers’ Mobile DevCon 2013 Starts On April

Facebook will hold a conference for mobile app developers later this year.

Dubbed as the Facebook Developers Mobile DevCon 2013, the gathering encourages all mobile app creators to join a series of three events in London, New York, and Seoul.

The social network wants to use the conference as a medium for mobile app developers to see and understand how the Facebook platform works on smartphones and tablets. It clears their mind when creating apps with deep integration to the site.

With more than 680 million active mobile users, it’s quite surprising why Facebook stopped holding similar events for developers. The last developers conference happened on f8 in September 2011.

The past couple of years had been fun for Facebook and mobile development. The company rebuilt its mobile apps for iOS, Android, and mobile web. And it also reorganized the whole business around mobile, said James Pearce of the Facebook development relations team in a video on the official Facebook blog.

He said Facebook knows there are millions of developers worldwide who are experiencing a similar shift in platform. All of them are focusing on mobile and trying to figure out what it means.

The events of Mobile DevCon 2013 will be technical, and many mobile app developers will discuss best practices and the future of the platform, Pierce added.

He said Facebook wants to have the change to reach out and meet developers who create mobile apps that integrate with the social network. And talk about their experiences as coders and how Facebook can help them be more successful in what they do.

Mobile DevCon 2013 will start in New York on April 18, then London on May 2, and end in Seoul on May 7.

The chosen cities are strategic for Facebook. With the company’s headquarters in Palo Alto, California, it’s no surprise that mobile developers who live in the San Francisco Bay Area have more access to the social network than any parts of the world. Now it wants to enter the rising tech scene in New York – the Facebook engineering office is in the city. Seoul and London are important tech hubs in Asia and Europe.

Facebook said developers who will attend the event have the chance to talk face-to-face to Facebook engineers and product managers.

Discussions will revolve around – but not limited to – tips on mobile design, best practices for Open Graph, and mobile security.

Mobile employees from EyeEm, Fab.com, GetGlue, and Zeebox will be readily available at the event to talk about their mobile app development.

For those who want to take part in Mobile DevCon 2013, click here for more information.

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