Facebook App Offers Free Calls in the US

iPhone users in the United States are in for a treat as Facebook’s Messenger for iPhone is now offering free calls. The application, which has recently been updated, makes it possible for anyone in the US to make voice calls to his or her social network pals – for absolutely free of charge.

The “Free Call” Button
People who have the Facebook Messenger app on their iPhones would see a “Free Call” button on their friends’ contact information pages. By clicking on this button, a user can contact his or her friend over the phone’s data connection or Wi-Fi.

Based on an article from The Verge, Facebook made the feature available just recently in the US. In early January, it was tested first among users in Canada, before being rolled out in the United States.

A Hit among Teens
Obviously, this new offering from Facebook would be a great hit among teenagers, who often carry around smartphones and iPod Touches that are on limited plans only. With the free call feature, they can call their friends as much as they want, aside from send out numerous text messages. This would make the Facebook Messenger for iPhone a real threat among other communication carriers.

Facebook messenger for iPhone now offers free calls for users in the US. (Image: iTavo_pr (CC) via Flickr)

Facebook messenger for iPhone now offers free calls for users in the US. (Image: iTavo_pr (CC) via Flickr)

A Boost to Facebook Usage
Free-call services from other networks – the Gmail chat, for example – have been around long before the new Facebook Messenger feature. However, this latest addition would be sure to attract a lot of teens who often access the social network on their iPhones. The ease of making free voice calls straight from their iPhones would definitely encourage them to spend more time on Facebook as well.

Currently, the Facebook Messenger for iPhone’s free calling feature is available in the US. Notably, users do not need to make an application update via the App Store in order to make free calls.

Author: Neal Alfie Lasta

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