Facebook adds Drag-and-drop Feature for Uploading Photos

Facebook has made it easier to upload photos from your desktop to your status, now using a drag-and-drop feature and eliminating the various steps of the previous method.

A photo icon now appears at the bottom of the status update box where a photo located in your desktop can be dragged on to. This photo will then be uploaded to your timeline automatically.

What’s more, multiple pictures can be added to a status update, removing what once was a series of steps in order to create a photo album.

On average, that is six steps removed in exchange for one simple drag and drop action.

Facebook now adds drag and drop feature to make the lives of desktop Facebook users easier. (Image: via digitaltrends.com)

Most of the photo updates done by Facebook have been geared towards the convenience of Facebook mobile users. That is because of the growth potential of this area. A clear cut example is Facebook’s purchase of Instagram for an initial price of 1 billion dollars, which has been agreed upon to be reduced a bit.

On the other hand, a vast majority of Facebook’s users still use the desktop app. Only 14 percent of the ad revenues of the social networking site this quarter has come from users using Facebook mobile.

According to Ingrid Lunden, TechCruch writer, by making it easier for users to upload photos, Facebook has increased the engagement among users, which means increases the time they spend on Facebook, making them good for advertising.

Author: Neal Alfie Lasta

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