Embracing the Christmas Spirit of Giving Through Social Media

Christmas is the season of giving, and Brendan Schneider of socialmediatoday.com suggests the following ways to give using Social Media.

First, you can give by commenting on blogs that you like. If there is a particular post that you find enjoyable, put high quality comments; comments that continue the discussion written in the blog post, ask questions regarding the post, or submit a different perspective than what is written in the post.

Second, Twitter is a great way to share content through retweeting, but this can also be an effective way to let people follow back or read your blog. When it comes to retweeting, on the other hand, the quality should be considered, sharing only information that is beneficial and useful to you and hopefully to your followers.

social media christmas

Third, the +1 button is a button which is installed on websites and is connected to Google’s social networking platform Google+. Whenever you press the +1 button on a website, it shows that you approve the post, which then makes it easier to share that content to your Google+ Circles. Pressing +1 buttons also drive interest towards your own blog posts and content.

It is better to give than to receive, but by sharing content through these three methods, you receive interest towards your own content in return. As long as you are sincere in liking the works of others, you will have new friends, find new opportunities, and create connections with other people.

Author: Neal Alfie Lasta

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