Eduardo Saverin Greets Facebook A Happy Ninth Birthday

Facebook, Eduardo Saverin, Facebook birthday

Facebook is celebrating its ninth birthday and one of its estranged cofounders, Eduardo Saverin, has greeted the social network.

In a status update on his account, Saverin said:

“Happy birthday Facebook! Happy Birthday!

Today marks the 9th year anniversary of when we first launched at Harvard University. What is your favorite memory of Facebook in these last nine years?


Feliz aniversário Facebook!

Hoje marca o aniversário de 9 anos do Facebook, quando lançamos na Universidade de Harvard. Qual é a sua lembrança favorita do Facebook nestes últimos nove anos?”

During the early days of Facebook, Saverin provided financial assistance to Mark Zuckerberg to fund servers that kept “” running and growing.

Saverin in turn got a hefty share of the company.

However, as the site grew, his share was continually diminished. After some time, he sued Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook because of his reduced stake.

The lawsuit was later settled out of court for an undisclosed amount.

Nonetheless, Saverin – who is now a resident of Singapore -has said in the past that he does not resent Facebook CEO Zuckerberg.

Facebook, Eduardo Saverin, Facebook birthday

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