Early Adopters of Windows Phone 8 Report Random Freezes and Reboots

Owners of Microsoft Windows Phone 8 handsets are airing frustrations about random freezes and reboots on their devices.

Early adopters of Microsoft’s mobile operating system who own HTC Windows Phone 8X and Nokia Lumia 920 handsets have gathered on Microsoft and Nokia support forums to report random reboots and lackluster battery life on both Windows Phone 8 smartphones.

“I have my Nokia Lumia 920 three days now and it already became unresponsible twice. I could not start the phone or anything. Only a hard reset (all three buttons at once) started the phone again,” said one user who started a thread on Nokia Support Discussions.

Another user who claims to be a non-Nokia employee explained, “I wouldn’t be so sure about a generic WP8 issue causing this. More likely just a once off incident. A bunch of us have had our lumia 920’s about a week now. Of the 15, only one froze and had to be hard reset. No idea what brought it on. The rest, I am glad to say, haven’t put a toe wrong. Even the one that froze is now back on form. As with anything new, there’s bound to be a few teething problems. Judging by what we are seeing here or rather not seeing here, I think it is actually going rather well. A handful of complaints when tens of thousands of sets are already in circulation is a drop in the ocean. I understand that statistics is no consolation when your set happens to be one of them. However it does mean that if you get a replacement, chances are, it will be fine.”

Early Adopters of Windows Phone 8 Report Random Freezes and Reboots

Image: N i c o l a, via Flickr (CC)

On a later date, the user who reported the freezes said, “My Nokia froze again today so thats three times in 3 days. I didnt even do anything with the phone.”

Windows Phone 8 users also attacked the lack of apps in Microsoft’s apps store. While Microsoft-owned Skype already released a mobile app for the ecosystem, owners still want other popular apps such as Instagram to publish a Windows Phone app.

Nokia has confirmed receiving complaints from Nokia Lumia 920 users and is investigating the issue.

We have received reports of a small number of people experiencing unusual battery performance on their Nokia Lumia 920.

This is not a concern being widely reported via our Nokia Care channels and feedback from many people is that the Nokia Lumia 920 enjoys great battery life for a high end smartphone. We are investigating, but we currently suspect that some applications may be using power when left running in the background.

While we learn more, we advise people when finished with an application to navigate away using the back button as this will close it rather than leaving it active in the background.


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