Do You Need A Social Media Marketing Manager?

No matter how big or small your business might be, you need social media accounts. Today’s world of Internet advertising and online viral campaigns shows that the trend is for companies to have social media marketing sorted out before they even think about offline marketing. Social media marketing is sometimes split between departments, delegated to multiple people, or ignored.

If you don’t have someone, one dedicated person in particular, who handles your social media, do you need one? The answer is yes, and the reason is because there are so many benefits to hiring someone for your social media marketing campaign. Here are a few of the top reasons you should hire a social media manager.

1. Standardized tone and message.

If you have one person handling your social media, you can easily control the tone and message of your social media accounts. Think about the confusion when someone is bantering with an informal social media account, only to get a serious reply or no reply from another department. It’s impossible to keep everyone in your company informed of the same procedures or get them to write just the same, but having one person ensures that you present a unified front to consumers.

2. Avoids disasters and provides accountability.

You have probably heard about recent social media disasters where someone tweeted or made Facebook posts under the wrong account, expressed personal opinions, or treated customers poorly. When there is just one person handling the social media account, it creates clear expectations and accountability. If anything goes wrong, it’s much easier to handle the incident since you know who was responsible and can provide the appropriate social media training or information.

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3. One person can keep up to date better.

Trying to train people from all kinds of different departments about innovations in the tech industry and social media management is tricky. One person can sum up various online hosting reviews for your systems admin to make a decision or explain the changes in the kind of graphics Facebook requires, and request it from the graphic designers. A single manager can better keep your page looking fresh and conforming to the latest requirements.

4. A dedicated job is better than a side job.

If you try to give the social media management job to someone who has another primary responsibility, it won’t be treated as a top priority. They won’t be able to keep on top of the social media requirements of new product launches, breaking industry news, and so on. Splitting it between people is even worse, as you may have multiple departments, each with their own social media presence that doesn’t match the brand standards at all.

It’s important to have one dedicated person to handle your social media marketing, no matter whether you’re a big company, small business, or bootstrapping startup. There are too many risks involved with taking any other option! Whatever you do, don’t split up responsibility for social media or delegate it to an intern because you don’t think it’s important enough to create a position in your company.


Guest author Gavin Carter is an online marketing consultant. He loves to write about how to best manage this strategy on small business blogs. Visit the to learn about hosting optins for your site.


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