Digital Marketing Versus Conventional Marketing


Many companies spend a greater proportion of their annual marketing budget on digital media more than ever before.

The biggest reason why more and more organisations concentrate on the Internet when formulating new marketing campaigns can be summed up in a single word: results.

A lot of commercial organisations are finding that they can achieve a bigger boost to their sales figures by spending money online, as opposed to spending on advertising in newspapers, magazine, on television, and the radio.

What is really important to any advertising or marketing manager is not why other companies are using the Internet to promote themselves, but what makes it a more effective medium. In other words, how it is different.

To find the answers to that, take a look at the points listed below.


1. Measurability

The single biggest difference between digital media and most conventional media, in terms of marketing strategies, is that it is much easier to measure the results of marketing that uses digital media, advertisements that appear on the Internet in particular.

Although it is possible to gauge the success of a newspaper ad that includes a call to action, such as phoning to place an order for the product being advertised, reasonably accurately, it is near impossible to judge the effectiveness of the massive billboards that one sees in large cities and the numerous television commercials that appear on our screens every day.

The Internet enables companies to see exactly how well their marketing budget is being spent, and the techniques that are the most profitable.


2. Flexibility

One of the biggest drawbacks to advertising in old media, such as monthly magazines, is that even when it is possible to measure results, it takes too long to react to negative news. By the time the magazine in question has been published and is on the shelves, it is probably several weeks since you submitted your artwork. By the time it is taken down from those same shelves it could be 6 or 8 weeks later. 3 months is a long time to wait to see how effective your adverts are.

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3. Variety

Speaking specifically about the Internet once again, there is a much greater variety of options when it comes to promoting the goods and services that your company has to offer than when advertising in newspapers and magazines.

Websites that are run by digital media marketing specialists, such as Wickedweb, will give you a good idea of the choice of strategies that you can employ when promoting your company online, a choice that is not available with conventional media.

From banner ads, PPC adverts and SEO, to social media campaigns and viral video games, it is possible to use a wide variety of approaches whether you are marketing a new product line or trying to revitalise sales of an established brand.


4. Visibility

Because so many people these days surf the Internet when they are on the move or when they are at home, using smartphones and tablets, the chances of your advertisements being seen by your target audience are generally greater when advertising online than when advertising in printed publications.

The above list is not a comprehensive one by any means but it should give you some food for thought when considering how much of your annual budget will be spent on digital marketing in the future.


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