Starting With Nothing? Cut Corners With These Entrepreneurial Tools

Half of new business startups fail within five years, according to the latest available data from the Census Bureau and Bureau of Labor Statistics, as reports. For online businesses, the failure rate rises to 97 percent, according to WebVantage Technologies founder Gaurav Mahashabde.
Among the common causes underlying this failure rate are insufficient capital ranks, according to business textbook author Dr. Michael Ames. Finding ways to conserve cash by cutting costs is …

Crowdfunding 101: What to Do During and After a Campaign

Crowdfunding 101: What to Do During and After a Campaign

Not every project will turn out to be the Pebble watch, which exceeded its goals by 10,166 percent (that’s not a typo — more than 10,000 percent). In fact, most crowdfunding campaigns fail to meet their

6 Effective Tips to Raise Funds Through Crowdsourcing

6 Effective Tips to Raise Funds Through Crowdsourcing

Businesspersons, especially startups, think funding through crowdsourcing is a way to gain quick cash without the need to approach conventional sources such as angel investors, venture capitalists, and so

Life After Kickstarter: 5 Tips For Funded Projects

The fund-raising program Kickstarter is allowing creative-minded individuals a way to progress their ideas from the initial steps of brand development to providing customers with a product. But there are steps in between these two ends that are necessary for bringing a product to

Former Mac OS X Chief Reportedly Building Cloud OS Startup Upthere

The man who was responsible for the development of the Mac OS X is reportedly building a new cloud OS startup called Upthere, a new report reveals.
According to a Business Insider report, evidence points to Bertrand Serlet, former Apple vice president of Mac Software Engineering, is building a cloud OS startup in Palo Alto, California with fellow former Apple employees.
A series of tweets, job postings, trademark filings and tips paint a picture that Serlet is building the startup, which could …

So Far There Are No Perfect Apps to Prevent Distracted Driving

There haven't been any apps that effectively keep drivers from texting while driving. (Image: interactive_devices02 (CC) via Flickr)

Using a smartphone is a distraction during driving, and while mobile software developers are trying to create apps to address this problem, distracted driving is still a huge concern across the United States.
According to a survey by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, around 43 percent of high school juniors and 58 percent of seniors admitted …

New Software Uses Ancient Chinese Zheng Concept to Check Your Health

Using the ancient Chinese medicinal principle of Zheng, a new computer software developed by University of Missouri researchers helps you check your health. (Image: via

A new computer software analyzes pictures of your tongue and determines your health according to the principles of zheng, an ancient Chinese medicinal system.
This software was developed by researchers from University of Missouri. According to Dong Xu, computer science department chairman for University of …

GrexIt Aims To Help Companies Save And Use Knowledge From Their Inboxes

GrexIt, a relatively new startup, is aiming to help companies have better collaboration by preventing information from getting lost and forgotten in company inboxes. GrexIt intends to help companies create an easy-to-use company-wide knowledge repository with simple tool that’s effortless to use straight from the Gmail inboxes of people.
That may be a tall order, but the company founded by Niraj Ranjan Rout and Nitesh Nandy believes they have the right tool for the job.
GrexIt traces its …

Cinsay Is Driving In-Video Sales Through Revolutionary Platform

Video is one of the most popular mediums on the Internet today and the popularity of YouTube is testament to this. One catch about video is the fact that adding advertising often results in one of two things, taking the watcher away from the video and/or disengagement by the watcher.
One innovative company seems to have cracked this dilemma with a very interesting approach to the whole issue. Typically, any purchases made as a result of a video are made via a store that links away from the …

New Technology Creates Flexible Translucent Solar Panels

Flexible, semi-transparent solar panels – Image via TheVerge

Solar power is the promised land for all renewable energy and sustainability proponents but so far, the technology has not quite been able to keep up with the optimism. Technologies used to create solar power generation are at best base line and can only convert into electricity a paltry 15% of the solar energy that hits the planet’s surface.
Another impediment has been the installation surfaces solar can mount on, …