Starting With Nothing? Cut Corners With These Entrepreneurial Tools

Half of new business startups fail within five years, according to the latest available data from the Census Bureau and Bureau of Labor Statistics, as reports. For online businesses, the failure rate rises to 97 percent, according to WebVantage Technologies founder Gaurav Mahashabde.
Among the common causes underlying this failure rate are insufficient capital ranks, according to business textbook author Dr. Michael Ames. Finding ways to conserve cash by cutting costs is …

Crowdfunding 101: What to Do During and After a Campaign

Crowdfunding 101: What to Do During and After a Campaign

Not every project will turn out to be the Pebble watch, which exceeded its goals by 10,166 percent (that’s not a typo — more than 10,000 percent). In fact, most crowdfunding campaigns fail to meet their

6 Effective Tips to Raise Funds Through Crowdsourcing

6 Effective Tips to Raise Funds Through Crowdsourcing

Businesspersons, especially startups, think funding through crowdsourcing is a way to gain quick cash without the need to approach conventional sources such as angel investors, venture capitalists, and so

Life After Kickstarter: 5 Tips For Funded Projects

The fund-raising program Kickstarter is allowing creative-minded individuals a way to progress their ideas from the initial steps of brand development to providing customers with a product. But there are steps in between these two ends that are necessary for bringing a product to

The Essential Stages of Developing an Effective Ecommerce Website

Like a good business, a good ecommerce site starts with a plan, and that plan determines how successful your ecommerce site is going to be.

2012 Nobel Peace Prize Goes To The European Union

The Norwegian Nobel Committee has today awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 2012 to the European Union, noting that the Union and its forerunners have for over six decades contributed to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe.
“It is a tremendous honor for the European Union to be awarded the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize,” said President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy and President of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso in a …

U.S. Postal Service (USPS) Website Offers Spanish, Simplified Chinese Languages

New Spanish and Simplified Chinese language interface options are now available on at customer registration (sign-in), and when shopping for stamps, supplies and more at
The Spanish and Simplified Chinese enhancements announced today build on the current multilingual platform that customers use to locate Post Offices, place their mail on hold, schedule a package pickup or redelivery, look up a ZIP Code and use the popular track and confirm tool.
Starting today, …

Valve Already Sels 6 Programs (Non-Game) on Steam

Promises made by Valve, to expand the Steam offer beyond gaming,  became reality. In the Steam store there already are six utility applications, with a price reduction by the end of the week.
New programs available on Steam are largely compatible with Steamworks features. Resulting files can be saved on Steam Cloud and the programs also benefit from an automatically update, according to TheVerge.

The 6 new programs from Steam are:
ArtRage Studio Pro
CameraBag 2
GameMaker: …

Google Introduced YouTube Translator

Google is about to open its YouTube videos collection to a wider audience, allowing the actors to translate their spoken phrases in any of over 60 international languages, or up to 300 languages lesser known if we use Google Translator Toolkit .
YouTube provides two types of services for translating video clips.
The first is an automatic system that works with Google Translate, inserting text as subtitles over the video that is playbacked.

The second type of service makes use of Google …

Steam for Linux Enters the “Private” Beta Phase

Valve’s promise saying that Steam will soon come on Linux – Steam for Linux enters phase “private beta”, allowing a total of one thousand lucky gamers to begin testing.
Steam’s program starts running in October and will include Steam for Linux (compatibility with Ubuntu 12.04 and later) with one game chose by Valve, Valve said on its official blog.
The public beta Steam for Linux will include Big Picture Mode, but the game chose for its debut will probably be Left …