Declaring Affection for Brands Through Social Media

Social media mania isn’t such a bad thing for big corporations. Many of the best known brands have garnered the appreciation of millions of followers. The nice thing is that they can share followers. A consumer can like Facebook, Coca-Cola, MTV, Disney and Starbucks, each among the top five companies for number of likes on the leading social network, Facebook.

As a consumer, you don’t have to divide your affections for brands. You can like Walmart and Target, both part of the top 20 businesses on Facebook. You can like all sports organizations or just a couple. You can like as many fast food chains as you can find represented through social media.

Your reasoning may be true affection or it may be savvy shopping. Some companies have simply established a presence without making much of it. Others are using sophisticated marketing techniques to engage their customers in decision making. Some draw additional commerce through offering coupons. Others announce special sales only available to Facebook fans.


Source: Top Business Degrees

Author: Aaron Elliott

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