Crimes Linked To Social Media Grows At An Alarming Rate In UK

There is an alarming rate of growth for crimes related to social media in the UK, police data shows.

According to authorities in the UK, there were just 556 crimes related to Facebook and Twitter reported to them in 2008.

That figure has now climbed to 4,908.

That is an exceptional rate of increase of 780 percent, the British publication The Guardian notes in a report.

The publication bases its data on statistics from 29 different police forces based in England, Scotland and Wales.

Because of this growth in social media-linked crimes, police now have a new test to confront: how to patrol the social media sphere to look out for red flags.

“There are many offences involving social media such as harassment or genuine threats of violence which cause real harm. It is that higher end of offending [communication] which forces need to concentrate on,” the publication quotes Association of Chief Police Officers chief constable Andy Trotter.

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Author: Solon Harmony Dolor

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