Citibank Facebook App Launches

Citibank customers can now team up with each other online in order to combine and use their points following the launch of a Facebook app that builds on a service it started last year, which allowed customers to transfer points online at its home page.  The first 4,000 Citi customers to sign up for the new program will be gifted with 2,500 free reward points.


Citibank customers can now group together online to pool their reward points for a gift, personal goal, charity, or whatever purpose they choose.  Citibank, which said it is the first bank ever to offer such a pooling service online, decided to build on its transfer points program and move it into the world of social media after getting positive feedback from its customers.


Head of Citibank’s loyalty programs and co-branded cards explained: “Now we’re delivering it to where customers are every day.” Ralph Andretta said the new program will give customers much more flexibility in the way they control their points, whether it is to partner with another customer to get a big ticket item or help a friend travel home from college.



Citibank launches ThankYou Point Sharing app

Interested customers should point their browser to , download the ThankYou Point Sharing app, then they can name a recipient they want to share rewards with. After a customer transfers their points, the recipient will have control over contributions. Citi said that a recipient must be a person, not an organization even for the purpose of making charitable contributions. Facebook users that sign up for the program can use links on their Facebook pages to promote their goals, and invite other customers to contribute, and donors will be able to see how many points have accumulated towards a cause.


Citi said it does not use any of the personal data the Facebook app collected from users who sign up and use it.  Citi checking account customers can also enjoy collecting ThankYou points. Citi launched Citi ThankYou credit cards last year.

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