Circle App Adds Categories And Photo-Sharing

Circle, a mobile app and company funded by Andreessen Horowitz and Ashton Kutcher, has announced new product updates and continues to add more than one million new members per month, as it helps more than 10 million members stay up-to-date on nearby events.

The company had received repeated requests about a better way to curate or filter posts by topic and to share photos, and so it listened and will provide those features to the community.

Circle members may now choose categories as if skipping directly to the newspaper section they want to read and quickly look for the local information they want to reach.

Some of the post categories in the update are the following: news, trending, sports, family, events, questions, and nightlife.

Circle plans to add photo-sharing directly into its mobile app in the coming weeks, and members will gain the ability to post and see photos of local events in addition to the textual content.

In a statement to the press, Circle CEO and founder Evan Reas dubbed his company as the “Twitter for Main Street,” wherein people easily open conversations, look for content, and share interesting events that are happening nearby.

The company said the new Circle app takes advantage of the latest mobile technology to provide a smarter and more attractive user experience.

Circle already keys out the most significant information for a user based on their activities when using the app, but it will add focus on location-based priority information through a sophisticated “proximity popularity algorithm.”

The company said the popularity algorithm tries to examine and to understand the user’s preferences in order to deliver the requested information.

Circle recently changed its appearance with a new “dynamic average color theme,” a new feature that adjusts the color scheme automatically based on the user’s location.

The mobile app is a global community that has daily active members in 1,765 cities across the U.S. and adds more than one million new members every month.

Circle has more than 10 million members who often look for current events and happenings within their neighborhood, such as lost pets, traffic conditions, and free concerts.

The advantage of using Circle is its focus on empowering smartphone users with a simple but valuable means to discover and search for local information within their area.

Circle is a privately held company based in Palo Alto, California, and is funded by Andreessen Horowitz, Ashton Kutcher, David Sacks, Ron Conway, and other investors.

Circle App for Android

Circle App for Android (Source: Google Play Store)

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