China Unicom Rewards New Multi-Year Subscribers With iPhone 4S


As the iPhone 4S is about to be released in China, a new report says that one of China’s biggest telecommunications companies will reward its new subscribers who will get multi-year contracts with the latest-generation smartphone.

The report comes via Bloomberg which says that China Unicom will be giving multiyear clients the new iPhone 4S is they sign new contracts with the carrier.

China Unicom is China’s second-biggest mobile company by subscriber number.

China Unicom will give free iPhone 4S units to new subscribers who sign multi-year contracts. Image: renatomitra / Flickr (CC)

What’s more, Bloomberg is saying that the new iPhone 4S can be availed by subscribers getting new multi-year contracts with the carrier with contracts costing about $45 per month 286 yuan.

This plan will be for three years and will offer a new iPhone 4S 32GB model, the report notes.

For those in China who do not want to be tied to a three-year contract with China Unicom, a two-year contract which offers a free iPhone 4S 16GB model can be had for 386 yuan, the report says.

Apple is set to launch the iPhone 4S in China this January 13.