By The Numbers: Facebook As Of May 2013 [Infographic]

Ever wonder how big Facebook is? We all know it is massive – and that probably is an understatement – but here are some concrete numbers to back that up.

As of May this year, the world’s largest social networking site is estimated to have 1.11 billion total users. That is eight times the population of Japan, or nearly four times the population of the U.S.

On a daily basis, over half (665 million) of those registered users use the social network. In terms of mobile users, the infographic says that Facebook currently has 751 million mobile users.

Now imagine how much data it takes to power all of this. It’s estimated that Facebook currently holds 250 petabytes of data. To put that in perspective, imagine over 53 million standard DVDs full of data.

That’s how much data that is and it keeps on growing every day what with all the photo uploads made every day and all.

Even likes and status updates contribute to amassing large quantities of data as 4.5 billion likes are made daily, the infographic notes. A status update may not look like much but imagine that done billions of times daily and what more if they include photo or video uploads.

Facebook, by the numbers, infographic, May 2013,

Because there are a lot of people on Facebook, businesses and organizations have also joined the social network. There is an estimated 50 million Pages on Facebook.

You The Designer says that 90 percent of small businesses are on Facebook, and about two-thirds of these businesses post more than once a week.

For the U.S., 6 out of 10 American companies are on Facebook.

It seems people prefer businesses also be on Facebook as 80 percent of users prefer to connect with brands on Facebook, the infographic notes.

Facebook, is also earning from all this.

According to You The Designer, here are the key statistics of Facebook for May 2013 (note the last one):

• Facebook’s Monthly Active Users went up to 23% from the 901 million in March 2012

• The Daily Active Users went up to 26% from the 526 million on average in March 2013

• Local Businesses shot up to a whopping 100% from 8 million in June of 2012

• Facebook earned $1.25 billion during the first quarter of this year (2013) — 43% more from the $872 million in the first quarter of 2012

When it comes to social networking, there is no doubt that Facebook accounts for most of the world’s usage. Learn from this infographic from You The Designer. [Right click and open in new tab for a larger view.]

Facebook, by the numbers, infographic, May 2013,


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