Businesses That Returned From The Dead [Infographic]

In the world of business, there are few corporations that are able to pull themselves back from the brink of extinction. Regardless of the industry that these businesses fall in, once a business has began down the slippery slope associated with a failing business, it can be extremely difficult for them to turn around and become an incredibly successful business again.

Whether a technological business changed leaders and started down a path that nearly removed them from the world as we know it or an automotive manufacturer hit hard times and was nearly forced to close their production plants in order to stay alive a little longer, a zombie business is a clear and concise example of what excellent leadership can do for a company.

While there are a few businesses that struggle and manage to stay afloat for a little while, there are a few major corporations in the world today that many would have never believed were close to closing their doors forever.

Business return from the dead

Business return from the dead



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