Brands Have To Focus More On YouTube Advertising [INFOGRAPHIC]

Video content has gone through a major push over the past few years. During that time, YouTube developed into the default go-to website for most video sharers and viewers across the world.  Nowadays, Google’s online video streaming platform typically attracts one billion unique users per month. Its knack to capture and hold the attention of Internet users has pulled in brand advertisers who are keen to influence these consumers.

MDG Advertising has released a new infographic to highlight the dumbfounding number of views and visitors on YouTube, accompanied by the total hours watched and dollars paid on advertising, and analyzes the way brands channel their online promotions. The visual representation, an eye opener on the value of online video advertising, shows why brands have to capitalize on YouTube in social media marketing campaigns.

The infographic shows how the budding community of devoted YouTube users helped raise the value of online video marketing. It said that video has captured the attention of marketers and advertisers who will highly likely spend $4.14 billion in online video marketing this year, and spend billions in investments over the next few years to surpass the $8 billion mark three years from now. Consequently, content marketing has turned into a priority to match the demand of consumers who engage in useful video content.

MDG’s infographic centers on the appeal of YouTube advertising and how each firm on AdAge’s top 100 national advertisers list uses the platform to boost social media campaigns. The YouTube video campaign has brought remarkable effects for most advertisers. The top 500 brands on YouTube have a monthly average of 884,000 views and 35,000 subscribers. Until now many consumers on the platform have yet to be captured because the top brands – Coca-Cola, Google, Old Spice, Red Bull, Samsung, and Volkswagen, among others – average 2.6 million Facebook likes and more than 200,000 Twitter followers, as opposed to the average number of YouTube views and subscribers.

The informative graphic shows the top channels on YouTube and the content they generated. It gives details about the sweeping effects of online advertising through YouTube videos. For example, the Old Spice online video advertising campaign “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” helped cause an 800 percent rise in Facebook interaction and a massive 107 percent increase in sales. “Gangnam Style,” the most-viewed YouTube video in history, generated $870,000 in advertising revenue on the platform.

The infographic provides a brief preview on the amazing growth and expansion of YouTube: 21.7 percent of daily online activity spent watching videos on the website, nearly 28 percent of visitors check it several times every week, and 10 percent visit it once every week. In all, roughly 60 percent of Internet users watch videos on YouTube every week and it receives more than 100 hours of video uploads every minute.

In addition, the graphic shows the video sites preferred by web watchers in the United States and the average time spent on each website. Visitors have continually increased viewing time for each passing month, doubling from 3 billion hours in May last year to 6 billion hours in May this year.

MDG, through the infographic, urges brands to grow their social media marketing campaigns by taking advantage of the wide coverage and impact of YouTube.

Without further ado, here is the infographic. Click the image to enlarge.

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