BlackBerry CEO Says Apple iPhone No Longer Innovative

BlackBerry (formerly RIM) CEO Thorsten Heins is not happy. And there’s no better way to vent his frustrations than to criticize rival smartphone maker Apple’s iPhone, the industry’s leading smartphone in terms of revenue.

Placing third on the list of the world’s top smartphone makers apparently gave the chief executive officer an advantage: to point out how outdated the iPhone user interface has been as of late.

While Heins continues with his onslaught to promote the new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone, he also makes sure to give direct answers when asked about Apple and the iPhone. And his recent thoughts on the iPhone and iOS are decisive.

In an interview with the Australian Financial Review, Heins started a sales pitch with a credit to Apple for developing an innovative piece of technology in the iPhone. But that was five years ago, he noted.

He said Apple did a terrific job when it brought touch technology and the iOS user interface to the smartphone market. They are design icons, he added.

He said innovation accounts for Apple’s success, and he admits and respects that.

BlackBerry, when it was still called Research In Motion (RIM), once was at the pinnacle of the smartphone industry, but rivals, such as Apple, caught up with it through innovative technologies.

But history repeats itself, Heins remarked.

He said the proliferation of smartphones has increased the rate of innovation. It is so high now that a leading company can be outperformed if it does not innovate fast enough.

Noting how outdated Apple’s technology is, Heins said the iOS user interface on the iPhone is “now five years old.”

He then went on to mention the strengths of BlackBerry Z10 against the Apple iPhone when it comes to the BlackBerry 10 operating systems’ multitasking capabilities.

He said BlackBerry 10 comes with many features that are completely different from the Apple iOS, such as Hub, a feature to integrate all email and messaging services, and the lack of a home button.

Heins highlighted the 70,000 “native” apps on the BlackBerry 10 smartphone platform. But many of these BlackBerry 10 apps are versions ported from Google’s Android mobile operating system.

With a five-year head-start, the Apple iOS has nearly 800,000 apps for the iPhone.

Heins assured that BlackBerry 10 will reach the 100,000 mark for available apps when BlackBerry Z10 launches in the market.

Can Heins’ forecast mean the end of Apple’s reign in the smartphone industry? Will BlackBerry regain its former glory?

Author: Francis Rey Balolong

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