Best Twitter Tools for Managing your Account


If you want to be an efficient Twitter user, just like practically everyone else in this social networking site, then these are the best Twitter tools for you!



Timely is a browser app that has a lot of great Twitter functionalities, but mainly allows you to schedule your tweets. Timely also lets you tweet the web page you are presently viewing through a bookmark extension. Timely helps you evenly distribute your tweets during the course of the day, which is a great way to tweet how-to’s, articles and resources.

Timely. a great app for tweets management. (Image: via


Followerwonk allows you to search for important people in your line of work and use Twitter to connect with these people. It analyzes keywords that users put in their bio, and segments them in various categories, such as how often they tweet, their number of followers, etc. In addition, you can analyze your followers, knowing how influential they are, how often they tweet, and more.

Follow the most influential people in your niche using Followerwonk. (Image: Eu Social Media Dude (CC) via Flickr)


According to Mari Smith, a prominent speaker for Social Media, said that “ManageFlitter has a beautiful interface and is a terrific tool for managing your followers and following.”

Clean up your Twitter followers and following using ManageFlitter (Image: Alessander Raker (CC) via Flickr)

The tool allows you to easily manage and clean up who you are following, know who your followers are from those following you, and who is messing up your Tweet stream by sending too many tweets. Another recent update is that it allows you to link your Google Plus account to your Twitter account.


Among Twitter tools that help you unfollow awful followers or locate targeted followers, Tweepi is among the best. It works best with another tool called Tweet Adder.

Tweepi presents tables of data that you can customize to show the details you need. Details include last tweet, biography, number of tweets, followers, etc. The tool will help you decide which followers to target, particularly those who are experts in your forte. On the other hand, Tweepi also allows you to know who to unfollow, i.e. those who aren’t following back or those who are inactive.

Tweepi comes in paid and free versions. Paid versions have more options for filtering user data.

Tweepi. Another great tool to manage your Twitter followers. (Image: skynetcusco (CC) via Flickr)


For Twitter mobile, UberSocial is probably among the best Twitter tools out there. It is very user friendly and highly functional, allowing you to do simple Twitter tasks with ease.

The tool features an Uberbar menu. When you click on a tweet, Uberbar drops down and provides you with all the options found in Twitter desktop version, including checking out profiles, menu tweets, favoriting, replying, etc.

Ubersocial is a great management tool for Twitter mobile. (Image: mizmellyjelly (CC) via Flickr)


Aaron Lee, a social media and marketing expert, says that CoTweet is different from other tools in that it gives him “the ability to only show tweets directed to me, separate from Retweets.” In particular, this tool helps you manage your team efforts. When you receive tweets from someone, all the past tweets you sent that person will be shown, along with a full dashboard containing all functionalities.

Cotweet logo. (Image: travis.oberlander (CC) via Flickr)

Social Base

Speaking of team efforts, Social Base combines functionality and knowledge to support your daily tasks. With Social Base, you can connect tasks with parallel tools to work more efficiently and continuously. The tool even provides suggestions for which tasks to use more often and how they should be used. This knowledge basis makes Social Base superior over other similar tools such as OneForty.

Social base is as great tool for Twitter team efforts. (Image: via


TweetDeck provides a platform for managing your various social networking accounts, including Twitter, Foursquare, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts. If you have multiple Twitter accounts, you can post tweets to these accounts at once. You can also view several feeds simultaneously. Moreover, when you’re away from the keyboard, you can schedule your tweets. A great thing about TweetDeck is the fact that it has been purchased by Twitter, which makes it a reliable tool for managing your account.

Tweetdeck lets you manage your social networking accounts all at once. (Image: estherbester (CC) via Flickr)

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