Behind the numbers: A Twitter infographic

Just as Facebook, Twitter offers you the opportunity to connect with prospective clients in a much more close and intimate way than conventional media. Potential clients are able to understand you better; what your business entails, how best you can meet their needs depending on their circumstances and also understand the kind of person you really are. Gone are the days when people would hire someone without having clear knowledge as to how they carry out their business affairs.

Nowadays, all one needs to do is search your name on Google and find more about you and your business before they hire you. With Twitter, past clients and potential clients can easily find you when they need your services, to connect with you on a daily basis and also stay up to date. Start your research by first identifying who you want to follow on Twitter. Don’t just pick on the first person you find, select people within your line of work, those in a particular area of choice or those with whom you share similar interests. WeFollow and Twefollow are great sites which enable you to choose a specific part of a country, your own city (through Twefollow) or even a particular niche.

This Guest post was submitted by Eric who is a small business consultant and Empower Network founding member.  His blog at provides tutorials and advice on internet marketing, affiliate marketing and small business consulting.

Author: Aaron Elliott

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