Basics of Google+ Marketing Success


Google+ is no longer just for Google stalwarts and tech geeks. It has an active user base that is second only to Facebook, rivals Google-owned YouTube, and tops Twitter. The growth rate is increasing rapidly: more than 20 million people use Google+ mobile every month and the active user base increased by 33 percent from June 2012 to March 2013.

As a social media marketer, if you have yet to build your presence on the social network, it is time to have a good grasp on the basics and find success with Google+ marketing.


Key Features

1. Google+ groups contacts in Circles, the same way contacts are grouped in Gmail. Information and multimedia content may be shared with certain Circles that have clear restrictions for privacy. A prominent Google+ user is Silicon Valley business advisor Guy Kawasaki, who now has more than 5 million followers on the social network.

2. Communities provide a platform for public and private discussion groups. It is home to a budding list of industry and customer groups.

3. Recommendations, popularly known as +1’s, from Google+ contacts will show up in Google Search, Google Maps, or Google Play Store for apps, books, and music.

4. Google+ chat and live video are called Hangouts. Up to 10 people may hang out simultaneously through high-quality online videoconferencing. Hangouts On Air may be broadcasted live using YouTube for a global audience.

5. Your Google+ profile comes with deep integration into Google photo service Picasa and provides considerable photo and video storage.

Google+ marketing

Framework of a Google+ Business Page

1. A cover photo is a visual representation of your business or the image to your brand.

2. Taglines are one-sentence descriptions of your business.

3. An introduction tells your story in a couple of paragraphs.

4. Enter your NAP – name, address, and phone number – as it is displayed on your official website or blog.

5. Enter your email address, links to your website, and additional links or other relevant information.


Effective Google+ Engagement

1. Create and share significant, thought-provoking content that helps your page visitors. The 80:20 golden rule of content is to share 80 percent about customers and 20 percent about sales.

2. Broadcast Hangouts On Air to promote or recommend video content and cross-post between YouTube and Google+.

3. Search for and take part in Communities with power users or stalwarts.

4. Use Offers to offer in-store and email discounts through Google Offers.


Noteworthy Tips

1. Create the Google+ profile using the Google account that your business uses more frequently.

2. Use high-quality, high-resolution cover photos that best represents your brand’s image.

3. Because all of your links will be displayed further down your profile page, you may use the Introduction section to hyperlink to your primary websites.

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