Badgeville introduces Social Fabric

Badgeville, the Gamification startup, celebrated its one year anniversary yesterday by announcing its launch of a new product it calls Social Fabric at TechCrunch Disrupt.



Badgeville's Social Fabric turns any website into a social networking site

Badgeville on its website calls itself the leading Social Loyalty Platform, that “gives content, commerce, and community brands the power to drive and measure user behavior with social game mechanics.” Badgeville, based on Menlo Park, California, has developed an embeddable gamification platform that helps websites boost audience interest and the amount of time spent on their site by rewarding real time behavior


Badgeville’s new service uses its Social Fabric technology to transform any website into a social networking website with real time social features that track what a user actually does (not just what they say they ‘Like’), informs other users what they are doing while on site, lets other members follow any content they follow, and allows any member to ‘follow’ another member.


Social Fabric lets websites add  personalized activity streams and notifications, similar to Facebook’s news and notifications, that will use the online behavior of their friends (and users like their ‘friends’) to push out relevant suggestions about what websites to visit, as well as notify about actions others have taken, like replying to comments.  In order to make the stream more engaging to the user, Badgeville adds entries based on metadata from Facebook’s Open Graph Protocol about what sites have  been added to their pages, reports the interests of a user’s friend by using information from Facebook registration.


Badgeville’s Social Fabric initiative is similar to a social layer introduced by tech blog Mashable this year, which lets people follow topics or users and easily share content on social networking websites.   Badgeville uses similar tools in order to boost social interaction and engagement.


Badgeville CEO Kris Duggan explained: “We’re in the behavior business” and the aim of its gamification software was to track and influence user behavior for companies by using things like leaderboards, loyalty programs, points, and badges.  Social Fabric, he said, is an extension of that, weaving in social mechanics, and integrating identity, content, and context for a richer experience.  Social Fabric is driven by a behavior graph that lets users see what activities others are engaging in on the website, and interact with users and topics they are interested in.



Kris Duggan, Badgeville CEO

Websites that use Social Graph will be able to see a real time activity stream of the activities of people, and topics they follow, and also provide for real time messaging between users.


Duggan explained: “We’re taking the elements that make social networks so engaging and we’re taking those components and allowing other sites to have those experiences. “  Duggan said that Social Fabric provides the engagement factor that makes Facebook so sticky, boosting social sharing 100 percent, user generated content by 50 percent, and Page Views by between 20-30 percent.

Author: David John Walker

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