10 Tips: Make Twitter Work for Your Small Business

Is your small business on Twitter yet? If not, it’s a great idea to create a Twitter account and start tweeting. You can reach many more new customers through social media marketing than just email marketing or other traditional forms of marketing.
But do you know how to get started on Twitter? Do you know how to make the most of your time and budget while effectively engaging your followers and increasing interest in your business? Keeping up with Twitter marketing trends can help you …

Social Media and Mobile Apps in Tandem for Boosting Business

The fact that businesses that aren’t using social media and mobile apps in an interconnected world will be left for dead hasn’t been lost on many business managers. But many are still lagging behind in this regard, and the longer they leave things – start using social media and mobile apps to interact with their client base – the harder playing “catch up” will prove to be.
Social Media – Not Enough to Have Social Media Accounts
A fact many businesses are cottoning onto concerning …

How Social Media is Increasingly Infringing Your Privacy

Each year, a new social network rises in popularity that everyone jumps on and uses religiously. Last year, we discovered Snapchat, before that was Pinterest, and before that, Instagram. But all of these social networks come with their own privacy issues, and each time we sign up for one, our information is spread out a little bit further around the Internet. Let’s look at a few pros and cons of our dwindling privacy.
Con: Your Images Rarely Belong to You
At the end of 2012, Instagram wanted …

5 Ways a Business Process Brings Sanity to Your Sales Outreach Efforts

Convincing people to open their wallets and pay up is an art. A silver tongue and a smooth demeanor are vital qualities expected of a salesperson to get that job done. However, it’s a given that one cannot build a highly profitable business by just hiring dapperly dressed smooth

7 Ways to Increase Your Twitter Followers

Twitter is one of the social media networks that truly allow you to marshal up an army of followers. As online influencers go, there have been more on Twitter than any other social media network. Boycotts and demonstrations have been organized from Twitter, as have big hoaxes such as the famous “Will Smith is dead” hoax. But it was funny to hear the Facebook hoax that had over 1 million people sending their condolences to Orlando Bloom. Getting more followers on Twitter is a matter of good …

The Five Biggest Internet Security Mistakes People Make

If you use a computer on a regular basis, chances are that it will contain a huge amount of very personal and important information about you. Not only will it contain passwords and financial details, but chances are that it will also contain the details of other people you know or work with, it will probably have lots of personal photographs and it will probably contain messages and other information you don’t want being shared either. This only gets worse when you use a lot of social …

Impact of the Cloud on Social Networking and Mobile Computing

The power of seamless communication and connected devices seems to have influenced every aspect of our everyday lives. The information revolution triggered by the growth of the Internet has only become more prominent with the explosion of mobile devices, enabling us to access any piece of information from virtually any place in the world. In such an environment, creation of personal and corporate online profiles proliferated, resulting in mass generation of digital data that is increasingly …

Beyond Posting & Tweeting: Shifting from a Social Media Strategist to a Social Media Business

As someone who works on the agency-side of marketing, I have the opportunity to work with many large companies and their brands. I get an inside peek at how companies are structured, their internal politics and policies, and their business strategies and goals. Learning the ins and outs of a brand or company is an integral part of our role as an agency partner and is a very interesting learning experience, as no two companies function the same when it comes to social

How To Use Different Social Media Platforms for Your Business

The most frequent question I receive from business entrepreneurs and corporate companies wanting to create brand awareness via the internet is, “What social media platform would be best for our

Facebook Predictions 2014: 7 Bold Things That May Be Unleashed This Year

Surprise, surprise! Facebook has just recently unleashed yet another new feature on its web homepage sidebar. The Trending Topics feature mimics Twitter’s but with an added twist that I’m sure all users will appreciate – a short descriptive line accompanies the topic, explaining the increasing popularity of the said