How to Create Engaging, High Quality Content

Brands will focus more on high quality content as the first half of the year ends. And the strength of your online presence is contingent on it. Most businesses consider this as a challenge, a new factor to add into their online campaign and strategies. But powerful, engaging content does not have to be a formidable task.
While it takes time to plan and research, and skill to write high quality content, people who work in your business already have extensive experiences in their particular …

Starting With Nothing? Cut Corners With These Entrepreneurial Tools

Half of new business startups fail within five years, according to the latest available data from the Census Bureau and Bureau of Labor Statistics, as reports. For online businesses, the failure rate rises to 97 percent, according to WebVantage Technologies founder Gaurav Mahashabde.
Among the common causes underlying this failure rate are insufficient capital ranks, according to business textbook author Dr. Michael Ames. Finding ways to conserve cash by cutting costs is …

How to Manage Your Pinterest Account in Less Than 15 Minutes

Brands now focus more time and effort in imagery. They use different images to convey their messages and engage their

Why Social Media Data Is This Year’s Biggest Brand Asset

It’s been pointed out numerous times that social media can greatly increase the success of SEO and marketing campaigns. But it’s social data that’s really causing a buzz within the online marketing industry at the moment.
The Importance of Social Data
So, what makes social data so important? Social data empowers marketers and arms companies with information about popular trends, events and happenings. It highlights demographics that have a specific interest in certain areas and narrows …

How Social Media Helps Event Marketing

After making the necessary preparations for a small business event, you have to come up with a marketing plan to ensure its success. Whether you plan to hold a garage sale, open house, or night out, try to add these social media strategies to promote and boost attendance for the

How Facebook Helps Doctors and Medical Practitioners

Facebook has more than a thousand pages of dedicated to doctors and medical practitioners, such as the popular Mehmet Oz and the fictional Dr. House. A simple search on the social network will return pages for physicians with different types of

How to Use Content Marketing to Stand Out Against the Competition

Publishing high-quality content is imperative to stand out and gain leverage against the competition. It is an opportunity for you to achieve high ranking in the results page of online search engines. As a result, you attain enough credit and recognition to be classified as a thought leader in your industry. You also reach a wider audience, setting off new business and increasing lead

How to Humanize Your Brand Presence on Twitter

Humanization offers a more personal touch to any type of Twitter activity. Your followers will welcome and appreciate it, and they will help increase your chances of having a wider social

Facebook and Instagram Go Against Private Sales of Regulated Items

The main purpose of Facebook is to connect people through online social communication. But the diverse culture and number of people that use the service often lead to dissenting posts, discrimination, controversies or offensive language. In view of that, Facebook aims to find the right balance between freedom of speech and self-expression, and uphold a safe, deferential

Facebook Works with Media in New Public Content Solutions Program

For whatever reason or event, whenever an important thing occurs anywhere in the world – from the eagerly awaited results of the Academy Awards to the ardently watched sporting events at the Sochi Olympics – people quickly and instantly use Facebook as their default platform to trigger viral conversations.
Facebook has more than one billion users engaging in real-time discussions during the most significant moments. For that reason, the company has decided to work closely with media …