MGM Classics Now Available On YouTube and Google Play

Movie studio Metro Goldwyn Mayer has signed a deal with Google to bring the studio’s stash of movie classics to both Google Play and YouTube. The deal, announced yesterday, will see more than 600 titles available for rental on Google’s two media websites.
These include popular titles such as Robocop and the Terminator series of movies. Google has been angling to increase the user appeal for its media websites, especially Google Play, formerly known as the Android Market, to offer an …

Report: Smartphone Popularity Driving Internet Adoption In The US

New research findings from the Pew Research Center indicate that smartphone usage has risen to be one of the key drivers of Internet usage adoption. The findings, which tracked a number of metrics including age, gender and income level, show that in 2000, Internet usage could be tracked using common metrics such as age and gender. With the rise and proliferation of smartphone usage in the US, these metrics have all but disappeared as more people use their phones to access the Internet …

Wavii Adds The Other Half To Your Facebook News Feed, The World

Every now and again, a new startup comes along with an obvious-seeming but hitherto undone idea, and Wavii defines that sort of startup. The startup, which has been in super stealth mode for the past three years, has finally come out, is building interest, and is catching quite a number of headlines.
Started by a bunch of engineers who had formerly worked at Amazon and Microsoft, the service will attempt to go after the biggest social network in the world, but not in the way you may think. …

YouTube Announces Anyone Can Now Make Money As A Creator

Español: Logo Vectorial de YouTube (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you create compelling video content and bummed out at having to watch other more “popular” creators make money on YouTube, your wait is now over. YouTube has lifted its stringent requirements that saw only a handful of creators benefiting from the massive advertising revenues made from ads served on YouTube.
In a blog post on the YouTube Creators blog, YouTube says now anyone with compelling content can make money …

The XLR8 App Turns Your Sedan Into A Muscle Car

Gentlemen, start your engines! On my mark… Bang! That’s the dream of very man/woman with the fantasy of racing or at least driving a muscle car that tears up the tarmac. Well, sadly, the sort of cars that make those revving sounds, or more adequately, roaring sounds, tend to come with a pretty steep price tag.

Muscle Car Masters 2010 (Photo credit: dicktay2000)

But with this new app, you can turn your family sedan into a tarmac-tearing muscle car in no time. The XLR8 app turns …

“One Sony” Shaping Up Under New CEO Kazuo Hirai

Sony is seeing some big changes coming up as new CEO, and the man charged with restoring Sony’s faded glory, Kazuo Hirai, puts his foot to the pedal and accelerates changes in the company.
The latest news coming out of Sony is that the company will be cutting some 10,000 jobs in line with its restructuring plans, in addition to a number of other initiatives.
The news, sent out through a press release from the company, contains a raft of measures the company plans to take as it initiates …

iPhone Users Rejoice As “Pebble” Surpasses Kickstarter Target

We’ve seen all the Android-powered smartwatches and they have been great but one thing all iOS users have been asking is, what about us? Well, that question has received about half a million answers on Kickstarter, and they all say yes.
A new project on the funding website that seeks to raise funds to roll out an iPhone-compliant smartwatch dubbed the Pebble has raised over $500,000 in the first day of its pitch.
The Pebble, which allows the user to use the gadget as a standard watch but …

Ashton Kutcher Invests In Dwolla, Wants To Build “Killer” Company

“Two and a Half Men” star Ashton Kutcher is a man determined to get his hands dirty in the tech industry, dirty with cash rewards when his investments pay off.
His latest investment is in payments startup Dwolla where he has invested an undisclosed amount of money in a company that is seeking to take the payments industry by storm.
Dwolla works by charging a fixed commission of 25 cents on transactions, rather than a percentage of the transaction value, as is the norm with all other …

The End Is Near: Microsoft Pulling XP, Office 2003 Support In 2014

Microsoft has sounded the death knell, as support for Windows XP (SP3) and Office 2003 will officially cease on April 8, 2014. For many Windows users, XP will be remembered as one of Microsoft’s most robust and stable operating systems, and up till today, there are many who say it still is the best even with the release of Windows Vista and Windows 7.
But Microsoft says it was real great but it’s just time to move on. What this means, according to Microsoft marketing director …

What Does Google Plan To Do With Motorola Mobility?

LAS VEGAS, NV – JANUARY 05: Chairman and CEO of Motorola Mobility Sanjay Jha (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

There was a lot of hype when Google announced it was purchasing Motorola Mobility from its parent company, and there were all sorts of hybrid words flying around, including Googlerola and Gorolla (Gorilla?).
Now that all the hype has died down and all regulatory permissions appropriated, some tough questions still linger much as no one is talking about them. Many …