Asia Pacific Is Biggest Market For Social Networking – comScore

A recent report from internet analytics firm comScore reveals that the Asia Pacific region is the world’s biggest market for social networks.

Asia Pacific has the biggest social network market in the world while Europe has the most engaged market. Image: fredcavazza / Flickr (CC)

However, according to the comScore report, even though the region has the biggest market for social networks, its market is not all too engaged in its use of social media.

That designation was given to the European market which comScore said was home to the most engaged social networking market in the world.

According to comScore, the Asia Pacific region has a 32.5 percent share of all visits to social networking sites. Europe trails close behind with 30.1 percent share.

North America accounted for 18.1 percent share of all visits to social networking sites while Latin America and the Middle East/Africa region accounted for 10.2 percent and 9.1 percent shares respectively.

In terms of total time spent on social networks, which measure engagement of markets with social networks, comScore reveals that Europe ranks first with 38.1 percent share, North America second with 21.4 percent, Asia Pacific with 16.5 percent, Latin America with 12.8 percent and Middle East/Africa with 11.2 percent.

Author: Solon Harmony Dolor

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