Apple Starts Production of ‘7.85-inch iPad’ in Q3 – Report

Apple may start volume production of a “7.85-inch iPad” this coming third quarter, a new report suggests.

The information comes via a report from frequent Apple supply chain whistleblower DigiTimes saying that sources have told them about the “7.85-inch iPad”.

Apparently, companies in Apple’s supply chain for the iPad are already showing Apple prototypes of the “7.85-inch iPad” “for verification”.

DigiTimes says that volume production after the verification process of Apple may start this third quarter “at the earliest”.

Citing unnamed industry sources, the publication says that the “7.85-inch iPad” is Apple’s tablet to compete with the Amazon Kindle Fire and the Barnes & Noble Nook tablets.

This information comes after Apple CEO Tim Cook has said previously that Kindle Fire sales did not eat into iPad sales.

According to DigiTimes, the likely price of the“7.85-inch iPad” is $249 to $299, relatively very low compared to the iPad 2 which currently starts at $499.

Apart from the “7.85-inch iPad” report, DigiTimes has also reported recently of three new details concerning Apple’s iPad namely a possible shortage of Retina Display panels for the iPad 3, an 8GB iPad 2 which will allegedly be launched alongside the iPad 3, and Apple launching two models of the iPad 3 (16GB and 32GB) on March 7.

Apple will reportedly begin mass production of a “7.85-inch iPad” this coming third quarter. Image: drewdomkus / Flickr (CC)


Author: Solon Harmony Dolor

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