ioPhone 5, the Apple iPhone 5C clone from Japan

ioPhone 5, the Apple iPhone 5C clone from Japan

Apple’s products especially iPhones are very popular in Japan. In fact, Apple is more popular than tech companies Microsoft and Google in the said

Apple, Samsung Drafted ‘Memorandum Of Understanding’ In February Before Talks Cooled, Says New Report

Apple and Samsung have continued with talks about settlement, even coming to a point in February where the rivals and business partners drafted a “memorandum of understanding” before discussions cooled, a new report reveals.
In  Wall Street Journal report based on heavily-redacted documents from the U.S. International Trade Commission, it was revealed that talks between Apple and Samsung ramped up after a jury in California awarded Apple over $1 billion in damages from Samsung. The Journal …

Apple App Store Passes 50 Billion Downloads

Apple has announced that its App Store has surpassed 50 billion downloads.
In a tweet on Wednesday, Apple said “We just hit 50 billion app downloads. Thank you. It couldn’t have happened without you. #50BillionApps” along with a link to the App Store.
We just hit 50 billion app downloads. Thank you. It couldn’t have happened without you. #50BillionApps
— App Store(@AppStore) May 15, 2013

Along with the milestone, one lucky person has just won a $10,000 …

1-Hour Coffee Date With Tim Cook Auctioned For $610,000

A bidder has won an hour-long coffee date with Apple chief Tim Cook to the tune of $610,000.
The auction was organized by CharityBuzz and the proceeds of the auction will go to the RFK Center for Justice and human Rights.
The bidder, along with a companion if he or she gets invited by the winning bidder, will have a 30-minute to 1-hour coffee date with Cook at Apple’s Cupertino, California campus talking about anything.
The bidder has a year to come up with a time that is mutually agreed upon …

iPhone 5 Cost Of Ownership On The Big 4 US Carriers [Infographic]

Now that the iPhone 5 is available across the four largest wireless carriers in the U.S., the time is ripe to compare how much it really costs to own the latest Apple smartphone on these companies.
As it turns out, Sprint will cost the most for iPhone 5 users who get the smartphone subsidized by the company.
On Sprint, the total cost of the iPhone 5 for two years is $3,320 but that already includes a mobile hotspot so users are not exactly getting less.
On AT&T, the first nationwide carrier …

Apple Inc.’s Demise [Infographic]

Apple has a dedicated following that gives it devotion akin to the commitment devout people give to their religions.
Read: Apple Devotion is Like Religion – Study
This can be seen as the reason why even now, when Apple has not delivered any groundbreaking new product for a couple of years, the company is still held in high regard by many.
Also part of the admiration for the company comes from the fact that it has released numerous products that today are still viewed as devices which has …

How People Are Breaking Their iDevices [Infographic]

Owning iDevices is expensive and not only because you pay a premium for the device itself.
Since 2007, Americans have flushed $5.9 billion down the drain to have their iPhones repaired.
Flush, it seems, is a pretty apt word for all this money spent as it turns out that nearly 2 out of 10 of damaged iPhones and iPads in the U.S. have been victims of falling into either a pool or toilet.
That’s according to Cupertino Phone Repair which made the insightful infographic below.
Other insights that …

Australian Police Says Apple Maps May Kill You [Full Statement]

Authorities in Australia are warning people in the country about using Apple Maps as the new system introduced by the iPhone maker with iOS 6 may be life-threatening.
The warning was issued by police in the Australian state of Victoria for people travelling to Mildura.
In a bad case of misplaced locations on Apple Maps, the Apple mapping system puts the city located in northwestern Victoria right smack inside Murray-Sunset National Park which is about 70 kilometers away from Mildura.
The …

iPhone 5 Coming To Philippines’ Globe Telecom On December 14

The Apple iPhone 5 is officially coming to the Philippines’ Globe Telecom on December 14.
Globe just sent out an email blast titled “iPhone 5 is coming – Register Now” to subscribers announcing its official release of the iPhone 5.
Along with the announcement comes offers the Philippine carrier is including with the release of the iPhone 5.
These offers include free smartphone insurance for four months, a free subscription to the GCASH American Express Virtual Card, an offer for zero …

Apple Assembles Some iMacs In The US

Some of the new iMacs being sold by Apple in America were assembled in America.
First noticed by Fortune in this report, the new iMacs sport an “Assembled in USA” mark where the old “Assembled in China” used to come after the “Designed by Apple in California” marking.
According to the US Federal Trade Commission, an “Assembled in USA” claim needs the product to have its “last substantial transformation occur in the U.S.”
This means that a “’screwdriver’ assembly in the …