Apple Lisa 1 Computer Up For Sale



A very rare Apple Lisa 1 computer has been put up for auction on popular auction site eBay.

As of writing, the computer, which is described by the owner as “one of a kind early production Lisa 1 that still boots up!”, currently has a bid of $25,100.

The seller, user moonlightflyer, described the machine as:

Unfortunately I do not have a mouse or the Lisa system software.

• It has authentic Lisa 1 and Twiggy ROMS.

* It has the Keyboard


* It has the original TWIGGY Floppy Disk Drives. I assume they work.

* Anti-glare silk screen for the CRT. No holes or tears

* The plastic has yellowed some but as you can see there’s no chips,

cracks, or dents anywhere on the case.

* The CRT is bright and sharp with no burn in.


*  No problems with the power supply.

It has some very minor corrosion from the battery. I have removed the batteries.

I can not find a serial number anyplace. I believe this may have been a very early production Lisa my brother use internally at Apple.

The Lisa 1 was shipped in 1983, replacing the Apple II and coming out before the Macintosh. It was the first publicly available personal computer with a graphical user interface.

This particular Lisa 1 computer is rare since it still has Apple’s “twiggy” drives, according to experts. Most Lisa 1 computers were upgraded to 3.5” floppy disk drives when the “twiggy” drives proved difficult. Apple’s Lisa 2 shipped with built-in 3.5” floppy disk drives.

The Lisa 1 up on auction was inherited by a sibling of an Apple employee who “started working for Apple in 1980”. That Apple employee passed away in 1988 and the computer was “safely stored” in a “closet” after the incident, according to the seller.

“Being such a big part of Apple’s history, it really should be taken care of and displayed, not stuck in the closet for another 30 years,” the seller continued.

Author: Solon Harmony Dolor

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