Apple iTunes 11 – Many Changes and Superior Performance

We can find users that hate Apple tablets and terminals or we can find users that love it, but even among the latter is quite difficult to find those who love the iTunes software companion.

Apple promised a while a major update of the product and after several weeks of delays, launched the eleventh version of iTunes.

The biggest change will be noticed when you first start the application, the known interface completely changed. The side list and menu disappeared and although they can still be enabled by accessing the options menu button, the default mode presented by Apple is just a matrix of icons, buttons for switching between different types of content and link to the App Store.


The graphics are all changed, starting from the application icon, continuing with the theme, fonts or icons and ending with the internal interface of the App Store, which is now similar to that offered by iOS 6. In terms of functionality, the application offers drag-and-drop far superior to sync content on Apple terminals and the Mini Player has also been updated, it offers more options, Cover Art and search.

The content list is enriched with additional icons for each purchased file or synchronized with iCloud, instead, Cover Flow, which Apple was so proud a few years ago, is gone, just as the iTunes DJ application, replaced by a more intelligent Up Next.

Apple says that the new version is faster and if it is really pleasant to use, the start times remained the same, at least in the Windows version and also with a large library of content.

Download here the iTunes latest version.


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