Apple iPad Mini Rumored to Face Supply Shortages During First Month of Release

Apple is having a harder time these days keeping their products in secrecy before they are launch.

As evidence, almost all features of the iPhone 5 have been rumored before the launch date, even as Tim Cook insisted that they are taking extra efforts to be more secretive about their upcoming products.

The latest rumors point to the iPad Mini; even providing details regarding when the media invitations to the product showcasing will be released.

Apple iPad Mini will face supply shortages during its first month of release, according to rumors. (Image: Headlines & Heroes (CC) via Flickr)

Another rumor is that there will be shortages during the holiday season for this new apple device. That might lead to more disappointments from investors, similar to what happened with the Apple iPhone 5. Apparently, 5 million wasn’t enough for the first week as the demand was incredibly high.

This rumor further states that the iPad Mini’s supply problems will only be for the first month of its release. Typically, supply problems are worked out eventually because the rate of production improves over time.

Even so, investors should be concerned if this iPad Mini supply problem is true. For one, there is a possibility that the shortage will extend towards the holiday quarter, which is definitely a setback for a product that is supposedly more consumer-facing than the iPad.

Author: Neal Alfie Lasta

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