Android Still King of US Smartphone Platform, Samsung Tops OEM List

Android remains supreme against mobile operating system archrival iOS in the most recent survey covering the US smartphone platform market, analytics firm comScore reports.

The latest comScore MobiLens study indicates that Google’s Android OS dominated over the three-month period ending January of this year.

Adding 2.3 percent for a 48.6 percent total market share, Android edged out Apple’s iOS during the same span, with the latter gaining its own 1.4 percent to clinch 29.5 percent market share in the U.S.

Research In Motion’s BlackBerry OS settled for third place with 15.2 percent of the overall smartphone platform market share, followed by Microsoft at 4.4 percent and Symbian last with 1.5 percent.

Around one percent from its previous market share pulled away from Microsoft while RIM’s share chopped off 0.1 percent over the course of three months.

The MobiLens study polled over 30,000 mobile subscribers in the U.S. and results showed that 234 million Americans aged above 13 had mobile devices for the three-month period ending January 2012.

South Korean phone maker Samsung placed first on the OEM list with 25.4 percent of mobile subscribers, followed by LG with 19.7 percent share of the US market and Motorola with 13.2 percent.

Apple gained 2.0 percent with 12.8 percent in the OEM market while RIM ranked fifth with 6.6 percent.

The comScore MobiLens service also tracked smartphone usage among Americans, with results indicating 74.6 percent of mobile subscribers were into text messaging – a 2.8 percent boost from the previous three-month sample period.

App downloads reached 48.6 percent of total subscribers for a 4.8 percent increase, whereas mobile web browsers climbed 3.4 percent to 35.7 percent of US mobile subscribers.

Around 31.8 percent of mobile users played games on their devices, up 2.6 percent, and music listeners pulled in 3.3 percent for 24.5 percent of mobile subscribers.

Android Still King of US Smartphone Platform, Samsung Tops OEM List - smartphone platform market, comScore MobiLens report, top OEMs, US mobile market share

Image: comScore MobiLens



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