Analyst Says Apple, Google To Leave Almost Zilch To Smartphone Rivals In 2012

Apple and Google will have such a dominant year in 2012 in the smartphone market that the market share of the two companies combined will leave almost nothing to rivals.

The prediction comes from Trip Chowdhry, an analyst at the financial research company Global Equities Research.

In an interview with eWeek, the analyst said that Apple and Google will be so prevailing in the smartphone market that there will not be a third place left in market share standings this year.

“There will not be any third spot left,” Chowdhry noted.

The analyst predicts that Apple with its iOS mobile operating platform and Google with its Android platform will get 98 percent of the smartphone market this year.

“Nokia, Microsoft and RIM will struggle in the remaining 2 percent of the market,” he said.

Furthermore, he says that his data “says there is so much innovation going on with Apple and Google. These two will win gold and silver for sure and they will win by a huge margin. Microsoft, RIM and Nokia are not dead on arrival. They never departed.”

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For those who may be thinking that the forecast is too far-fetched, the analyst stands by his prediction.

Some have been criticizing his sampling of developers which included only 15 iOS and Android developers at different events.

“It is not the quantity of people you talk to,” he said.

As for Apple, he says that the company has a massive edge against its competitors.

He says that “Developers will go to the platform where you have devices and you have monetization.”

“If you look at Apple, they have 400 million devices in the market, with more than 400 million user credit card numbers in their system,” he added.

“What that means for a developer is that they have 400 million people waiting to buy. That is a critical asset that Apple has. If you go to the Windows market, they don’t have 400 million devices or credit card numbers,” he explained further.

Google has been predicted by the analyst to continue its dominant position in market share standings for the duration of the year.

For the second quarter of 2012, research firm comScore put the combined market share of Android and iOS in the US market to be at 84 percent.

This echoes another set of data from research firm IDC that the eWeek article cites as saying that Android and iOS took 85 percent of the global smartphone market for the second quarter.

Furthermore, just this month, comScore also released data saying that RIM (BlackBerry declined much to the gain of Google (Android) and Apple (iOS) for the months of May, June and July in the US market.

Google, Apple, Android, iOS, RIM, Research In Motion, BlackBerry, Microsoft, Windows Phone, market share, 2012, forecast, prediction,

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