Amazon Planning to Launch a $250 Tablet in November

amazon-tablet_priceAmazon is planning to launch a smaller tablet priced at $250 in November, reports Reuters. The online retailer believes the product will give tough competition to Apple’s iPad tablet.

The tablet will feature a back-lit 7-inch screen, about same the size of RIM’s PlayBook but smaller than the iPad. According to TechCrunch’s blog, it will have features to play music and movies off the Internet. It will run on an operating system developed from an older version of Google’s Android. Other features of the tablet will include Wi-Fi, a color touchscreen, and 6 GB of memory. Amazon may bring a 10-inch version of the tablet in 2012 provided the 7-inch device performs well in the market.

Amazon will offer its Amazon Prime Internet streaming service for free for the customers of the gadget. Amazon currently charges $79 a year for this service.

Apple enjoys about three-quarter share of the tablet market now. Motorola and Samsung are nowhere close to Apple in the race. Hewlett Packard has already declared to bring an end to TouchPad after a final production run.

Experts believe the new product from Amazon can give serious competition to Apple’s iPad due to its low price. Presently, the cheapest tablet from Apple is priced at $499. Forrester Research estimates that Amazon may sell about 5 million tablets in the fourth quarter and become the top rival to Apple. Apple currently sells about 7 to 9 million tablets in each quarter.

Author: Chance Madson

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