The Advantages of the Hosted VoIP PBX For Your Company

There have been many advances in PBX phone systems since their inception. Years ago, they offered businesses easy solutions to route calls throughout a business to multiple extensions. This proved a cost effective solution to businesses with multiple or even hundreds of incoming phone extensions.

In the last two decades, PBX phone system technology has become internet based through a computer host. Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP, as it is more commonly referred to, is the new wave of telecom usage being provided to various organizations across the globe. Hosted VoIP PBX providers enable voice communications and other communication functions to be carried out over an internet server. Functions such as fax, instant messaging, and digital voice messaging can be added to a company’s available communication assets.

Features of a Hosted VoIP PBX System

Your hosted VoIP PBX phone system has many options and features.

1. Users can now easily change phone service providers without having to get a new phone number. Numbers can be transferred to different providers. This saves the time and money involved with updating your contact information to clients. 

2. The Hosted VoIP PBX providers give you the ability to send faxes without the use of a second line. This also can eliminate the need for a centralized fax machine. Each extension on your network can be assigned its own fax number. Incoming faxes will never tie up a phone line. Furthermore, faxes are digitally transferred to the user’s computer and sent to them much like an email. 

3. Hosted VoIP can also be used for emergency calls. While the servers do not send your exact location to the responders, your internet or telecom service provider usually has a GPS feature that sends the callers exact location to emergency response operators. 

4. VoIP PBX equipment includes a battery backup so it will function even during power outages. The backup battery will power the modem and keep the internet connection active. Certain phone units can also have backup batteries as they may require power to work. 

5. VoIP communications are internet based; it is because of this they can be protected by firewalls and other security protocols. Due to this, you can make confidential calls with confidence of security or transmit sensitive documents by fax. 

Hosted VoIP PBX Enables Telecom Control

A Hosted VoIP PBX providers ensure that the phone system uses an internet connection. This means that all internet functions can be integrated with your telecom system. It can even be possible for users to connect with you directly from your website. A telephone is not necessary for communication. Calls can be made using a computer equipped with speakers and a microphone.

The VoIP system allows the user a greater level of control over security and functionality. You can set the security levels of your system dependent on your needs. Establishments like medical offices, banks, and government offices often transmit voice and data of a sensitive nature. They can enable high levels of security to protect all of their vital information. On the other hand, a business like a restaurant or retail store does not require such protection.

Users of traditional phone services are at the mercy of the provider when it comes to call communication quality and security. Hosted VoIP PBX providers give control in the user’s hands.

VoIP System Equipment

Hosted VoIP PBX systems expend equipment you can use beyond just a phone and fax machine. Different pieces of equipment and hardware can be utilized together. You are able to add a variety of devices to your network. Smart phones, tablets, and laptops all become part of the network. This is a great benefit if your company requires communication and data transmission functions away from the office.

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