Adeiu Twitter ‘Hashtag’, Bonjour ‘Mot-Dièse’ – France Gov’t

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Instead of saying “hashtag”, France wants the French to say “mot-dièse” instead.

The move comes from the French government itself as it moves to prevent foreign words from invading the French language.

In a decision made by the France language police Commission Générale de Terminologie et de Néologie, mot-dièse would now be the preferred term to use instead of hashtag.

Official government communications and wording in laws will use the term.

However, civilians are not required to use mot-dièse but we imagine its use is highly encouraged by the government.

According to French publication The Local, Twitter users in the country have tweeted their guesses as to what term their government will replace next.

One Twitter user suggests that next they would be encouraged to use “Livre des facies” for Facebook.

Another Twitter user says that since SMS is short message service, their minister will likely validate the use of “service de messages en Bermuda” next.

Mot-dièse is literally “sharp word” in French.

Image from Shovelling Son on Flickr (CC)

Author: Solon Harmony Dolor

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