A Few Ideas To Engage With Facebook Fans And Followers


Graph Search is gradually rolling out to Facebook’s more than one billion users, and companies and brands are on the drawing board to devise a plan on how to deal with it.

While the social network’s new social search technology is not limited to brands, or even specializes on them, Graph Search for national and local businesses and targeted brands still opens a door of opportunity they are willing to take.

Regardless of not knowing more about their fans on Graph Search, administrators of Facebook brand pages can still rely on word of mouth, Facebook Likes, and recommendations for brand familiarity among users.

Max Gladwell wrote in a Huffington Post article that the social graph gives local pages equal voice on the world’s largest social network, which means local pages are crucial and will likely turn into brand pages.

Mobile technology lifts local pages to the same level as brand pages because consumer engagement at the local level works like this, he added.

Take note, however, that active Facebook users visit the social network not to make purchasing decisions, but primarily to share personal experiences and check the lives of each other.

Knowing this, Facebook brand pages need to focus on localization and urge customers and friends to share with others – in an exciting, persuasive, and social manner. 

A Few Ideas To Engage With Users

1. Provide real quality service or entertainment to Facebook fans

Extra offers and news about new products are popular among fans of Facebook brand pages, so organize and share engaging content to keep the targeted audience interested.

2. Collaborate with civic groups or charities in the area

To push localization, brands must reinforce partnerships with non-government organizations (NGOs) in a target area, and use Facebook to ask for feedback, ideas, participation, and support.

Invest more time and effort to gain visibility in your geographical footprint.

3. Arrange real world opportunities to deliver content that will persuade the brand’s fans

The proliferation of mobile devices has opened a lucrative door of opportunity for brands, so create compelling displays that will urge people to capture and share photos of impressive subjects.

Encourage Facebook users to take photos and share them on the social network, and remember to snap and upload pictures, or any relevant content, on the brand’s Facebook page.

4. Foster the growth of your Foursquare presence

Most Foursquare users share Facebook activities, so build up the presence on Foursquare with check-in offers and special deals for the mayor if your brand has a physical location.

Train the onsite staff to live up to the check-in deals you are offering.

5. Use Facebook Insights and put the audience first

Remember to put the audience first when devising strategies for social networking sites, so spend time to observe the fans’ behavior and find out what content keeps them engaged and willing to like and share it.

At the brand’s page, go to the Facebook Insights dashboard and look at “post level” data, which shows data on what wall posts had the most interactions.

The information gathered from Facebook Insights is a cue on what type of content to post in the future, and build on the most appreciated, most popular content among fans.

Fan engagement is the main driver of success for brands on Facebook.

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Author: Francis Rey Balolong

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