A Brief History Of Social Advertising [Infographic]


As digital marketing goes nowadays, one cannot miss social advertising. With the rise in popularity of social media, companies and organizations naturally are flocking to where the people are.

The infographic notes, “As Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, and others have emerged as social network leaders, they have created powerful new ways for advertising to reach the right consumers with the right message at the right time.”

In this infographic made by Unified, a brief history of social advertising from the early 2000s is presented.

The timeline traces when social media giants like StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and the like were founded. It also notes key developments in terms of advertising for these multiple platforms.

In November 2002, StumbleUpon was founded. This was followed in May 2003 when LinkedIn was founded. By February 2004, Facebook was born while a year after, in 2005, YouTube came to being.

2005 also marks a milestone for Facebook as the first ad on the site was posted May of that year.

By March of 2006, another giant was born as Twitter, through the work of people like Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone and Florian Weber, was founded.

A month after Twitter was born, LinkedIn introduced advertising.

Tumblr, the social site that was acquired by Yahoo! recently, was launched February of 2007 while YouTube introduced pre-roll ads July of that year.

Foursquare was launched March 2008 while Facebook reached 100 million users in August of that year.

Fast forward to December 2009 and with the continued growth of Facebook, the world’s largest social networking site hit ad revenue of $764 million. More and more marketers are looking at social advertising more closely.

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By 2010, Facebook became even bigger as on February of that year, it is noted that 175 million people log into the site every day.

Meanwhile, social platforms were also gaining traction through all of these years. Twitter, because of what some would say as pressure to produce numbers, introduced promoted tweets and trends in April and June of 2010 respectively.

By July of 2010, Facebook reached another milestone: 500 million users.

Three months after Facebook reached this, Twitter introduced promoted accounts. Also on October 2010 was the StumbleUpon launch of Paid Discovery.

By December of that year, Facebook ad revenue hit $1.8 billion while Twitter ad revenue hit a relatively measly $44.6 million as estimated by eMarketer. Still, we see here the continuing trend of increasing social advertising.

January 2011 saw 250 million people logging into Facebook every single day. By March, LinkedIn reached 100 million members. Two months after this, the professional world-oriented social network completed an IPO which raised $315 million and valued it a whopping $4.3 billion.

By June 2011, Foursquare reached 10 million users while Facebook introduced their ads API by August of that year.

Twitter grows to more than 100 million active users by September of 2011. By November 2011, Facebook introduced Facebook sponsored stories.

Ad revenues of Facebook and Twitter by December 2011 hit $3.2 billion and $139.5 million respectively.

This is only going to grow, according to the infographic. Social advertising is expected to generate revenue of $6.1 billion this year and will nearly double to $11 billion by 2017, the infographic says.

The timeline makes for a very interesting read even for those who may not be all that interested in social advertising. If you are like us who are interested in anything about social media, it’s even more interesting.

Learn from the infographic from Unified below.

Social advertising, history, infographic,

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