7 Best Learn Korean Apps for iOS and Android Devices

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7 Best Learn Korean Apps for iOS and Android Devices

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If you wish to learn one Asian language, Japanese or Chinese is on top of the list. How about the Korean language? It wasn’t a favorite until K-Pop piqued the interest of people around the world.

But it’s not just K-Pop that many became attracted to many things Korean. There are Korean dramas, cars, and smartphones made by South Korean companies.

And if you’re looking for an opportunity, South Korean has plenty to offer. It is no wonder considering it is the 13th largest economy in the world.

Hence, if you’re planning to go to South Korea to work or study, it is better to learn its language. Keep in mind that the country is monolingual.

Learning the Korean language doesn’t necessarily require hiring a human teacher. If you have a smartphone, you can download these best learn Korean apps.

1. Duolingo

Duolingo Learn Korean App

Source: https://www.duolingo.com/course/ko/en/Learn-Korean-Online

It is one of the most popular apps when learning another language. The app won’t just teach you how to speak Korean but it will also make it fun to learn it.

Because it challenges you, it can be addictive. Its bite-sized lessons make it easy to retain what you have learned the day before.

This learn Korean app has dozens of lessons. You will discover some phrases, animals, medical, nature, numbers, etc.

To make it easier for you to study, the lessons come with text, images, and audio. And to test your pronunciation and speaking skills, you get to speak into a microphone.

Now, if you speak a little Korean, you can opt for its advanced lessons.

Duolingo has both free and premium options. Its premium or Duolingo Plus plan is an ad-free option. You can also practice Korean while offline. Then, there’s a way for you to join a Korean club via the app.

2. Google Translate

This learn Korean app is ideal for travelers. Nevertheless, it has a live voice translation feature that allows you to practice. You can use its camera feature to translate things in real time.

What’s great about this Google app is that it is completely free. Its features may not be as wide as Duolingo’s but they are enough to help you get started learning Korean. In that way, if you meet one of the members of BTS, you can say, “Annyeonghaseyo.”

3. Naver

Naver Learn Korean App

Source: https://endic.naver.com/search.nhn?sLn=en&isOnlyViewEE=N&query=%EC%B0%A9%ED%95%98%EB%8B%A4

It is a popular search engine in Korea. But it has developed a Korean dictionary. It is a free app that will change how you learn the Korean language. It will not only translate Korean words but it also gives you several examples and sentences so you can use the words properly.

In every entry, it has a high-quality audio recording to help you know the proper way to pronounce the word.

If you wish to know complex Korean languages on the fly, the app includes a translator tool. You can save a list of useful words. Then, visit the list regularly and memorize those words.

It has an app that you can download so you can access its comprehensive encyclopedia full of articles in Korean to know more about its culture.

4. FluentU

This learn Korean app is also a must-have if you wish to master this language. The app has a variety of audio clips and videos watched by Korean natives.

It teaches you with content that suits your interests and fluency level. It turns those popular movie trailers and news into customized learning lessons.

While you are watching the videos, you can read their interactive subtitles to learn new words and grammar. Every lesson has transcripts and flashcards that you can download on your device.

Furthermore, the app enables you to create playlists and vocabulary lists. There’s a save feature that lets you create your lesson plan. There are various features of this app that you need to see and experience for yourself.

5. Learn Korean

Learn Korean App

Source https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/learn-korean-free-phrases/id547968628

This app enables you to learn the language in a snap. You can master the 100 most frequently used words and phrases. Just like Google Translate, this app is great for travelers. It comes with a travel guide that features cultural insights. It teaches you some practical phrases.

It also includes audio recordings of a native Korean speaker. Then, to improve your pronunciation, there’s a voice recording feature that you can use anywhere, anytime.

This free app focuses on the Korean language only, unlike other learning language apps. The app teaches you the essential Korean words, including spelling, pronunciation, and translation.

Its audio lessons let you listen to a native speaker say a phrase. It has a progress bar that monitors the number of words you have mastered. But it’s just one of the many useful features of this app.

Once you have mastered the basics of the Korean language, you wish to upgrade to its full edition. It’s also available in iOS.

6. Hello Talk

It’s more of a social platform. In here, you’ll be paired up with another person who wants to learn about your language.

It’s a great platform if you want to know about the different cultures around the world. Apart from Korean, it also supports more than 100 languages.

This app also includes voice chat and other types of messages. Although it is a great app, you should use it along with another app that can help you learn Korean, like Duolingo.

7. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is a popular education app. It’s been around for 20 years teaching people with different languages. Its Korean Rosetta Stone will assist you in mastering the language.

It includes an audio-visual method to enhance your learning experience. To master the language, the app encourages you to memorize vocabulary and grammar patterns.

It provides you with real-time feedback so you can identify problem areas. In that way, you can mitigate your mistakes. You can also hone your pronunciation with this app.

It also includes live tutoring sessions. Each session allows you to practice conversing in Korean with a native speaker. It has a wide online community of learners that you can rely on if you wish to know more about the language.

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