5 Simple Tips For Increasing Landing Page Conversion and Click Through Rates

Copywriting is definitely an art, and not a science. The changes that you make to one page that yield huge increases in conversion rates may not do the same for another page. Although generally the same copywriting rules apply across a broad spectrum of landing pages, each has to be individually tested and optimized to produce the best possible results. With that said, there are some tried and true, simple techniques that tend to consistent draw more clicks and conversions when implemented. 5 simple tips that you can utilize to increase clicks, conversions, and general user interaction with your website include;


Put a Face To Your Product

Consumers like to know who they are purchasing from. Although you should not forego company brand building, you should not be afraid to attach your own face or name to the products that you are selling. In the eyes of the consumer, it means that you personally are taking responsibility for the quality of the product, and also gives a real person in which to connect with. Adding a picture of yourself, and telling a small story that builds their familiarity with you, can go a long way towards convincing a customer that is on the fence to make a purchase.

Brightly Colored Outlines Make Advertisements Pop

Do you have an excellent banner that just doesn’t seem to entice click-throughs like you thought that it would? Try adding a thin, brightly colored outline around the entirety of the banner. Studies have shown that people are naturally more attracted to bright colors, but overabundance of bright colors usually looks tacky, and can negatively affect the trust that they otherwise would have had in your advertisement. A thin pink, yellow, turquoise, or other bright neon-styled color can help to catch the eye of the reader as they skim over the page, and more often than not will increase your click through rate. Always remember to check the guidelines of the websites that you are advertising on to make sure that you are not violating the terms of service or advertising rules.

What’s Front and Center?

Go to your landing page. Now, look in the very center of the screen when the web page loads. What part of your page is located directly in the middle of your screen, above the fold, after your website loads? This should be the most important aspect of your web page. If you are collecting leads, the ‘front and center’ of your page should be the form you would like your visitors to fill out, along with your call to action button. If you are selling a product, the image, description, and “Buy Now,” button should be most visible. Make it as easy as possible for your visitors to locate the most important aspects of your web page by placing it right in front of them, front-and-center, so that they cannot miss it.

Create A Sense of Urgency

Make your potential customers feel that if they do not capitalize on the deal they have in front of them at that time, that it will not be there at a later date. You likely have seen infomercials that offer additional purchasing incentives for the “First 200 Buyers,” or “Those That Order in the Next 15 Minutes,” or websites that have countdown clocks running, letting you know when a product will “no longer be for sale,” or will increase in price. Of course, a good number of these tactics are simply well known marketing strategies being put to use – those products will not go up in price or disappear. However, that does not mean that you cannot use those same tactics to create a legitimate sense of urgency. Try offering some bonus material with the purchase of your product for a set amount of time, or choose a day when you will legitimately raise your prices. Create real incentive to purchase your product now instead of waiting, and you will find your conversion rates climbing upwards.

Use Company Logos as Trust Building Testimonials

Half of the battle with copywriting is building enough trust with the consumer to get them to even consider purchasing from you. Having well known individuals or companies vouch for you instantly builds trust in the eyes of the consumer.

“Oh, they have done some work for Microsoft. If they are good enough for Microsoft, they are good enough for me.”

If you do business with or have been mentioned by a large company in the past, place their logo on your landing page under an “our clients” or similar section. Unless asked not to, you should take every opportunity that you have to put your most well-known and respected clients on display. Not only does it give prospective clients an immediate snapshot of your track record, but it also instantly builds trust.

These are a just a few of the literally thousands of small changes that can be made to increase the CTR of your advertisements, and conversion rate of your website or landing page. As always, each change should be made one at a time, and split tested against the previous version of your page. More often than not, these five tips will help you to increase your conversion rate, and draw more potential customers to your website.


This post is a guest post from Ryan Boze, a Co-Founder of GorillaMarketers.com. Ryan has been involved in the marketing industry for 8 years. 

Author: Aaron Elliott

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