3D Movie Streaming Soon To Come To Samsung TVs


DeclanTM / Flickr / (CC BY)

Internet-connected Samsung TVs will be able to get 3D movie streaming later this year, Samsung Electronics has revealed.

According to the UK’s HDTV guide, Samsung will start a streaming service for 3D content to its LCD and Plasma TVs starting autumn this year.

The content will be made available through Samsungs Smart Hub platform which the company is planning to collaborate with content publisher PictureBox.

“We are looking to stream our first 3D movie in Q3, but there is still a lot to do technology wise,” a spokesperson from PictureBox told HDTV Guide.

Darren Petersen, Samsung’s content services manager for smart TV told Tech Radar that the company is “hoping that 3D movies will be available later this year. The technology is there we are just waiting on our partners to come up with something.”

The planned 3D content streaming is the first time that the Korean consumer electronics giant will be streaming 3D content over an in-house developed platform.

Previously, analysts have said that the scarcity of 3D content is a main factor why consumers are shying away from buying 3D TVs. Samsung hopes that the availability of 3D content will drive sales of its 3D-capable TVs.

Author: Solon Harmony Dolor

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